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Survey - After playing, how did GW2 live up to your pre-playtime expectations?



  • thexratedthexrated OuluPosts: 1,368Member Uncommon

    Before trying the game, I was looking forward to buying it. I am glad I got in the last beta, so I do not have to buy it. Just didn't feel something like I wanted to play. Nothing more specific than that, but after two days of playing I longer felt like loggin on. So skipped last day of beta and uninstalled. 

    "The person who experiences greatness must have a feeling for the myth he is in."

  • RivalenRivalen TaviraPosts: 503Member

    Met my expectations.

    I expected some flaws, some issues and alot of great stuff.

    It delivered.

  • lilHealalilHeala ZwollePosts: 522Member Uncommon

    Although I had very high expectations, way higher than I usually have for a game I look forward to, it somehow managed to exceed those.

  • schrayschray MediasPosts: 18Member

    I expected this game to be the best MMO I ever played so it met my expectations.

  • EvereghaloEvereghalo Dallas, TXPosts: 51Member

    It my expectations.


    I would like to see more features in the game that are not currently there, nor that will be there at launch.  However, given that the game is not subscription based I can easily get over the game and come back anytime that I want.  I am not to thrilled with the graphics, but after the SWTOR fiasco, I am happy that the game play is very solid.   It was everything that I expected it to be, but having said that I did have high expectations.

  • SysOpPsycheSysOpPsyche McHenry, ILPosts: 103Member

    Fell short.

    Wasn't expecting much and its not that its bad. It just the features of it don't seem to add up that well.

    I spend most of the BWE's in World PVP which I both love and hate (not that great at low level and with the character wipe before last BWE I haven't ecperienced it as High Level). Zerg fest IMO.

    The story is....meh. I don't like how its presented though the stories aren't that bad and you do have effect on the outcome but it doesn't feel like you have any. Play the story content here and there to sample but just didn't care for it.

    The Dynamic Events...Well its a better form of grinding but thats about it. Better than other games (not as deep content wise but more accessable and more varied).

    The Match PvP ... standard I guess, didn't care for it before and don't now.

    Crafting, nicer than most but haven't had the chance to really explore it. Not much reward for the work IMO but nice for those that like crafting. (ie. ability to experiment with a decent UI to handle it & variety of outcomes/craftables)

    Clan/Guild system, didn't experience it (was in 1 guild briefly 2nd to last BWE and did absolutely nothing with it - horrible guild) so no comment on that.

    Classes and Races were unique and had character but were also rounded but progression seemed shallow. Not really surprised by this as thats not necessarily bad or new for Guild Wars. (never advanced to high levels so couldn't experience the Trait system all that much - I'm guessing thats were most the custom progression will occur)

    Mainly, the various elements just didn't seem mesh with each other all that well IMO and can't really explain why? Basically I never felt like I had any purpose or place in the game, I was just doing stuff randomly.

  • aesperusaesperus Hamshire, NVPosts: 5,135Member Uncommon

    I'm generally kind of cynical by nature. As such I was a bit skeptical of GW2 for a while. I was looking forward to it, but kind of apprehensively waiting to see how much of it (to what degree) they managed to pull it off.

    That said, I was not expecting them to have anywhere near the amount, density, and quality of events that I found in the game. It definitely exceeded my expectations. WvW was a very nice surprise as well.

    Only reason the game didn't greatly exceed my expectations, was because it has a few areas that fell a bit short of what I would've liked. Mainly, some of the dialogue is a bit 'too corny' for my tastes. I can live with it, but there is some voice overs in the game that literally make me cringe when I hear them. Oh well. =/

  • musicmannmusicmann port allen, LAPosts: 1,095Member Uncommon

    This was a tough question to answer for me. While i felt that the game mechanics and systems all worked well, the loading screens just killed it for me. Everytime i turned around to do something, i was in a loading screen. There was many times i ran around without any real purpose and that was just, ok. Nothing really felt engaging and once again, there's no systems in place for community interdependency. I also felt that the traveling system, being able to zone in and out of different areas even though i could have chose not to, really took away from getting the true feel for the virtual world. Not having atleast a taxi type system that allowed to be able to go from point a to b and veiw the game world, i think is a mistake and makes the game feel to closed in and sharded. The game for what it is, is really well made. The problem i have is, it really feels like a mix between TOR and WAR and that's not a good thing. While there's many people all around you, it feels like all that, is nothing more than a big zerg fest and lacks any real purpose. For it even being a BTP game with no sub, i still can't justify a purchase.

  • SnoepieSnoepie RotterdamPosts: 482Member Uncommon

    felt short aswell..


    what i like in this game:


    is the pve content..



    what i do not like is:


    is the combat system.. and the classes.


    i am actually playing a game only for the pvp.. but i found gw2 more enjoyable in the pve then pvp..

    what i predict for myself is that i will prolly play the game throught the pve content and then store the game on my bookshelf.


    I have no feel with teamcombat in gw2 also finding the so callled WvWvW too much visually mindfcked.. can't see what is going and then your dead. turn down is also about the class system with basicly everyone can do the same thing.. dps/heal/support/tank this is simple not gonna work for me..

  • MosesZDMosesZD Kirkwood, MOPosts: 1,383Member Common
    Originally posted by Creslin321
    So I've seen a lot of posts from people stating that GW2 either exceeded or fell short of their expectations.  I wanted to see how GW2 meshes with the communities expectations in general, so I started this poll. Feel free to comment on your answer.


    I had very high expectations.   So it met them.  I'm not saying the game is perfect.    But it's doing what I want in an MMO.   Something that has been missing from  MMOs for a very-long-time:  an immersive, lore-based world with a wide variety of game play options.


  • silvermembersilvermember At your mom's placePosts: 525Member Uncommon

    I went in there not expecting the game to give me a blowjob while I played and it did not so it met my expectation.

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