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Had a great weekend, thanks ArenaNet!



  • chryseschryses LondonPosts: 1,453Member Uncommon

    i actually avoided the game on purpose. Don't wan't to spoil my experience on release. I still messed around with a few races etc up to level 8ish.  Sylvari were interesting and even though I am more of a sandbox player, the game has grabbed me and its a no brainer with no sub.

    Regarding exploration...I love to explore and I instantly get turned off any MMO that doesn't support this.  I have to say I was blown away when I went swimming in a massive lake and found a small chest that had at least 6 weapons/armour and some blues.  I felt rewarded for taking the time to look around.  This was a big plus for me.

    Another massive win is the inventory function.

    - find stuff you don't want to sell...dismantle and then send ingredients/trade item to vault. 

    I love the fact I didn't have to spend time sorting my inventory out.  Great feature and all games should have it.

  • HalandirHalandir nnPosts: 768Member Uncommon

    Tried the Asura and Sylvari starting areas.

    Somehow they made me feel better about races beyond humans in Tyria. Did not get to play much (guests friday and saturday and the dreaded "mother in law visit" debuff on sunday) but loved the few hours I got to play.

    Hotfix friday fixed the one major bug I encountered. Only one month to go now :)


    We dont need casuals in our games!!! Errm... Well we DO need casuals to fund and populate our games - But the games should be all about "hardcore" because: We dont need casuals in our games!!!
    (repeat ad infinitum)

  • avalon1000avalon1000 HawaiiPosts: 779Member Uncommon

    Had great fun! Look forward to release! Great job Arenanet!

  • MattVidMattVid Terre Haute, INPosts: 399Member

    I had a blast. Especially during the final event. While it could have used a little work here and there ... it was one of the most fun and unique events in an MMO I have ever done. Great job.

    I played 4 classes up into the 10-15 range and had a lot of fun. I still don't know exactly what class I want to play ... and I have played all of them to 10-34 so far. I will most likely be playing a lot of alts on release :)

    I think I am pretty decided on trying out Guardian, Theif, Warrior and Elementalist. Those were probably my favorites. I guess I prefer the more melee focused classes over ranged right now. All I know is I can't wait until it releases in a month-ish.

  • mikunimanmikuniman NYPosts: 371Member Uncommon

    Had a great time beta testing!

  • DaezAsterDaezAster new york, NYPosts: 788Member Uncommon


  • ZzadZzad SPAINPosts: 1,380Member Uncommon

    I had a great time too this BWE3!

    Finally got to play with my main race Asuras! And they simply blew me away!!

    Their animations are top notch!! Finale Event "Hunger Royale" was very cool but map was huge & was STARVING!!!!

    Can´t wait to get back to GW2 on the 25th!

    I just cannot log into any other game after this.....



  • DJJazzyDJJazzy louisville, COPosts: 2,053Member Uncommon

    I enjoyed it a lot as well. In fact I'm paying for my lack of sleep over the weekend today.

  • MithrandolirMithrandolir The Deep Woods, NJPosts: 1,701Member Uncommon

    Hear hear! Amazing time in beta this weekend, they got a prepurchase out of me as I fell in love with the game and had an incredible time!

    Great game imo!



  • Belleville, ONPosts: 1,129Member Uncommon

    Good time playing ...good folks to run with ..good weekend

  • phantiasmicphantiasmic jacksonville, FLPosts: 38Member

    I had been waiting and waiting for the Asura and gosh I cannot wait to play when it goes live.

    Did try the Sylvari also, they did a great job on the plant look and feel, the level of detail is amazing. At first glance many are inclined to think "elves of some kind" but when you create one and see them around it is very different.

    Asura body movements though just are absolutely top notch to me, move side to side looks like they are trying not to fall over it just is awesome.

    Also love how the game is fun at level 1, when was the last time you could play an MMO and fight bosses, and random events all over at level 1.

    Most MMO out there levels 1-10 are boring as hell.

    - I have played Everquest, DAOC, Shadowbane, WoW, Aion, Rift, SW Galaxies, Planetside and Guild Wars (all expacs)

  • MuckbethMuckbeth jonestown, PAPosts: 4Member Uncommon

    I to really enjoyed this game and pre ordered it before the weekend.  I love the healing mechanic of helping your downed comrades,trying to rescue them during a battle .. or fight off their attackers while someone else gave them aid was a lot of fun. The game looks great and the dynamic events made the pve part of the game not feel so routine. Because i am a minimalist when it comes to my onscreen information, i wish there was a slider to control the amount of spell effects and the damage numbers and so on... but not that big a deal. I think my main on launch day will be a Human Warrior ( so many variations ) I also enjoyed the Thief and Ranger as well. I have to say that Divinity's Reach has to be one of the best looking cities i have ever  seen in a mmo. Overall a very good and fun game to play. The player community seemed a little more mature than i thought it would be .. which is nice, and i got a little bit of that feeling i used to get playing DAOC. For a game that has no monthly sub absolutely cannot go wrong with gw2. Looking forward to launch day ..see ya in August :)  

  • RCP_utRCP_ut ...Posts: 263Member

    Im on same boat .

    Loved the litle Asuras and wasnt expecting it at all :)

  • EvilGeekEvilGeek londonPosts: 1,240Member Uncommon

    Excellent fun! Tried an Engineer (sylvari) and wow Anet just make my head explode even more, what the hell am I going to make my main at release? Too many race/class options that are awesome...

    Played and completed the map of Caledon Forest, loved every second of it, not one boring moment, how rare is that? Did enough crafting to complete a full set of armour at lvl 15, popped over to Metric Province (your so right about the asura animations, so cool) for a jumping puzzle and did an epic event back at Caledon, explored Lions Arch a little (nice job on the optimisation), drooled at the armour sets (dungeon and culture) and marveled at the detail.

    Great weekend :)

    Originally posted by Muckbeth
    I have to say that Divinity's Reach has to be one of the best looking cities i have ever  seen in a mmo.

    In my humble opinion I think Divinity's Reach is the best city of any mmo and one that other cities will now be measured by :)

  • GraeyGraey Jacksonville, FLPosts: 280Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Woopin
    Yup was an awesome weekend. made it to level 34 without trying and all in PvP :)

    When you say that you made it to level 34, can you do pve as that level or do you delevel? I really want to try pvp out and get decent or better at it, however I also want to level without it downscaling back if I do pve...the mentoring thing nonwithstanding.

  • GraeyGraey Jacksonville, FLPosts: 280Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by plescure
    Aye, its been a fun weekend. Question is: what do i do now? everything else seems stale and boring compared to GW2 and ive got 4 BLOODY WEEKs!!! to wait. i need to be frozen in carbonite!

    It would be just your luck that you would wake up a 100,000 years from now in some futuristic city. You would have a robot dog and you would be the key player in a religious battle between beavers riding ostriches and humans. You would make prank phone calls from the future back to the past, and of course you would call the you of the past and tell yourself not to freeze yourself in carbonite because then...well you know what would happen.

    You Have been warned!!!!


    On the bright side, you get to ban together in agony with the rest of us nerds/ is a nudey mag, a gym sock and some twizzlers. You'll be fine image

  • GruntiesGrunties Worcester, MAPosts: 859Member

    Had an absolute blast this weekend, could not peel myself away. Ended up falling in love with a race and class I thought would be my least favorite, asura warrior. Now its gonna be my main. There were some brief hiccups in the eternal battlegrounds when every single person on the map was clashing at the central keep, but everywhere else was smooth as silk. The questing, the crafting, the RvRvR, all a fantastic experience. Thankful that I got to experience this game before release, and now more excited than ever. Thanks ANet. I'm really glad I gave this game a chance.

    Black Gate and Borlis Pass, I salute you as combatants! I enjoyed clashing with you under Sanctum of Rall's banner.

    Waiting for: A skill-based MMO with Freedom and Consequence.
    Woe to thee, the pierce-ed.

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