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Echo! echo...echo....

A-L-S-EA-L-S-E Walton, NYPosts: 113Member

Seriously, guys?

Two posts?

Haha. Is it because the game is... meh? Or do a lot of goers just not play?

I'm patching this game right now, so hopefully It's at least interesting.

I'll post back after I've played a while.


'Till then,

Does anyone still play around here?


  • TweFojuTweFoju Saitama & Jakarta ( current )Posts: 1,089Member Uncommon

    so how is your review coming on?


    my best bet about this game is:

    -Very low population


    -could be a time killer if you are waiting for SW:ToR, GW2 and all the upcoming AAA titles

    but with other f2p big MMO title such as DDO

    i can understand why this game have only 2 posts

    So What Now?

  • Loverboy85Loverboy85 Goth en burgPosts: 64Member Uncommon

    echo the dolphin!

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