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Top 5 AAA MMO's you played the longest



  • JerYnkFanJerYnkFan Kenilworth, NJPosts: 339Member Uncommon

    1) SWG - 3 yearss

    2) LOTRO - 3 yeats

    3) WOW, EQ2 & Vanguard all about 6 months each

  • The_KorriganThe_Korrigan EastPosts: 2,630Member Uncommon

    1) WoW - 7 years

    2) AC1 - 5 years

    3) UO - 4 years

    4) LOTRO - 5 years, but on and off (lifetime account), real total must be approx 2 to 3 years.

    And that's it. EQ only lastest a couple of months max. (UO and AC1 were both MUCH better games), DAoC became boring after a few months, same for games like SW:TOR, Rift didn't even pass the first month (talk about a linear and boring world), SWG was not bad but I was busy in AC1 back then, EQ2 was sub par compared to WoW, and I've played all the other mainstream and most smaller MMOs too but none of them is memorable and latest more than a couple of months.

    5) Number 5 would be Anarchy Online then - I played it for over a year back when it was released, much better game than the bad launch can make one think.

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  • jdlamson75jdlamson75 Jacksonville, FLPosts: 998Member Uncommon

    WoW: 4-5 years


    DarkFall (not really AAA, but...): 2 1/2 years


    GW2: Anticipating a long run.

    That's about it.

  • ericbelserericbelser buffalo, NYPosts: 783Member

    1. Everquest

    2. EVE

    3. DAoC

    4. LotRO

    5. SWG

    All of those make it into the 1yr+ of hardcore play, usually with multiple returns...the drop off after number 5 would be pretty steep...down to games that only got a couple of months in one shot.


  • RoxetteRoxette ZwollePosts: 56Member Uncommon



    1. Guild Wars (5 years)
    2. Aion (3 years)
    3. Age of Conan (3 years)
    4. City of Heroes/Villains (2 years)
    5. Second Life (but its not an mmo - 4 years)
    Usually I stay quite long with a game when I like it. On the other hand, if I dont like a game, its rather a question of weeks.

    Played: Guild Wars, AoC, Lotro, CoH, Warhammer, Tabula Ras, Spellborn, Second Life, Rift, Aion, Tera.
    Playing: Guild Wars 2, WoT

  • CheriseCherise Cincinnati, OHPosts: 232Member

    EQ2 - 4+ years

    EQ - 4 years

    DAOC - 1 year

    SWG - 1 year

    LotRO - 1 year



  • 3-4thElf3-4thElf Elftown, MEPosts: 489Member

    1. City of Heroes
    2. EverQuest
    3. WoW
    4. LotRO
    5. EQ2 (mostly because a lot of gamers I met from UO and Shadowbane went there)

    I've enjoyed other MMOs more than these, but each of these had 2+ years out of me.

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  • ThorqemadaThorqemada BerlinPosts: 1,282Member Uncommon

    Daoc 2001-2003
    SWG 2003-2005 (and some revisits but that may count up to a 5 or 10 days at best)
    AoC 2008-2009 (and one month here and there to test out the new content and updates)
    TSW 2012-????

    Beside this i have played many mmos for days, weeks, months but they had no lasting aspect to me and i only stayed to play with friends.
    We tried WOW out after SWG got NGE and wandered around looking for a game as apealing as our previous experiences.
    The most ideal mmorpg to me is swg with daoc pvp and the immersive storys TSW offers and its mobile combat and the "realistic" art direction.

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  • marcustmarcust AdelaidePosts: 491Member Uncommon

    UO -~- 3 years -~- 2001 -> 2004

    Lineage2 -~- 3 years -~- 2004 -> 2007

    Lotro -~- 2 years -~- 2007 -> 2008; 2011 -> 2012

    WoW -~- 2 years -~- 2008 -> 2009

    Darkfall -~- 2 years -~- 2009 -> 2011

    Playing: Diablo 3 and Black Desert 
    Other favourite games have been: UO, Lineage2, WoW, Darkfall, Lotro

  • DeadlyneDeadlyne Rochester, NYPosts: 232Member Uncommon

    1. Everquest - About 9 years off an on

    2. Vanguard - About 5 years off and on

    3. WoW - About 2 years consecutively(the first two years of WoW)

    4. Warhammer - About 6 months

    5. Aion - About 2 months

    Everything else never made it past the free month


    Just to question the philosophy. Army of Socrates.

  • KrematoryKrematory Posts: 571Member Uncommon

    World of Warcraft


    Guild Wars


    Lord of the Rings


    "EVE is likely the best MMORPG that you've never really understood or played" - Kyleran

  • ApraxisApraxis RegensburgPosts: 1,508Member Uncommon

    1. UO                    4 years

    2. DAoC                3 years

    3. Shadowbane    1 year

    4. WoW                7 month

    5. everything else just beta and/or first month.. not subbed (including EQ)


    And sometimes i think i should start EvE seriously, but never got over the 14 day trials ( at least two times), and i feel i really missed SWG.


    And now non MMOs, but Multiplayer

    1. Civ                             21 years (from Civ 1 to Civ 5) ongoing

    2. Dawn of War               8 years ongoing awaiting DoW 3

    3. Company of Heros       6 years ongoing awaiting CoH 2

    4. Battlefield                    6 years ongoing

    5. Starcraft (I & II)           3 years on and off, but not that frequently as the rest

    I guess something is wrong with MMOs. And i cant remember how long i played Half Life, Doom or hundred other games, i just named those i play at the moment and think to play in the future.


  • InterestingInteresting Porto AlegrePosts: 943Member Uncommon

    AAA is a good question


    1. Ultima Online

    2. Ragnarok Online


    After that, its been like 8 years since I dont play an AAA game for longer than 3 weeks.


    Ive played other MMOs that were not AAA for longer than that though.

  • NegativeJoeNegativeJoe hluboka nad vltavouPosts: 194Member Uncommon

    lineage the bloodpledge ~2 years
    daoc on and off for many years
    swg a couple stints maybe ~2 years

    lotro a few months..
    thats the only other game i bothered to get more than 1 char to max lvl.

    playing nothing the past year or so because everything good is either gone or just too old, and everything new and shiny sucks.

    ::::26:: ::::26:: ::::26::

  • yodablazeyodablaze fortwashington, NVPosts: 234Member

    1. WoW - 8 years
    2. PSO (Phantasy Star Online + v2 and Episodes I & 2) - 4 years (tied with SWG)
    3. GW - 3 years
    4. Warhammer - 7 months
    5. Star Wars: The Old Republic - 5 months 


  • WicoaWicoa LondonPosts: 1,637Member Uncommon

    1 - Daoc

    2 - Planetside

    3 - WoW

    4 - City of Heroes

    5 - EvE

  • Yodi2007Yodi2007 Valdosta, GAPosts: 167Member

    1. FFXI 8 years

    2. WoW 4 1/2 years

    3. FFXIV 1 years

    4. Rune of Magic 6 months

    5. SWToR, WaR, AoC, STO, CO, AION (didn't buy it a friend did sad that its still unopened in the box) and other free games didnt even make it past the first month!

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