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SMITE: New God 'Bakasura - The Great Devourer' Revealed

MikeBMikeB Community ManagerQueens, NYPosts: 6,162Administrator Rare

It's been a little while since Guan Yu made his debut in Hi-Rez Studios upcoming free-to-play MOBA, SMITE, but it looks like another new god is ready to enter the battlefield and the folks at Hi-Rez Studios have prepared a handy video to introduce him to you.

Bakasura, the Great Devourer, was a hindu demon asura with a voracious appetite. In SMITE, Bakasura fulfills the role of a physical-based melee assassin. The most notable aspect of Bakasura is his capability to outright eat minions in the game and heal himself. If that weren't enough, he can actually regurgitate all the minions he's eaten since his last cast of the spell and said minions will even fight for him against his enemies. Disgusting but unique!

Bakasura joins the fight today with the release of patch update 0.1.975.1. The patch notes are available here.

Check out the full video below:

Michael "MikeB" Bitton
Community Manager
Twitter: @eMikeB


  • SquatchinSquatchin Quincy, WAPosts: 93Member

    Damn! Bakasura looks badass. Cannot wait to get a hold of that guy!


  • PoufPouf St-hyacinthe, QCPosts: 341Member

    Seems op

  • toljartoljar Elk river, MNPosts: 156Member Uncommon
    Lets be honest, high end meta game at its current.. This guy well be shut down way to easily due to the mass aoe in this game.. Right now if you are melee and dont build tanky you get shut out of team fights. They need an item that reduces aoe damage by % for most melee assassins like bastet and this guy

    IRONFIST Gaming community

  • TorgenTorgen MoenchengladbachPosts: 154Member Uncommon

    Have been playing him now for a few matches and he feels even more squishy than all the other assas. No idea what items to buy. If I go defense I cant gank anymore ;)


  • toljartoljar Elk river, MNPosts: 156Member Uncommon
    I would suggest always getting those gloves that give 600 hp on any melee class, it might slow your ganks but it almost completely mitigates an entire attack/ability in a 1 on 1 basis/fight

    IRONFIST Gaming community

  • KrellenKrellen Fort Lauderdale, FLPosts: 84Member

    The lifesteal, HP, Attk Speed aura item is good on him and Frostbound hammer is a must of course.

  • Cleric1234Cleric1234 Magnolia, DEPosts: 8Member

    Build a Frostbound Hammer and Quin's Sai, you'll slow enemies, have a decent attack speed buff, and both give you health. Then get soul eater for more attack speed and life steal. From there you can change it up. Also, melee assasins only get shut out of team fights if they're bad.

  • CastillleCastillle KhobarPosts: 2,676Member Uncommon

    Hes fairly squishy. I was able to chunk him down in a level 1 fight using Artemis and made him back before he could even jungle.  Most of the time I see this guy, he falls off HARD late game.  I think its because they build him too glass cannon idk...He seems fine though.  Brings the same fear during early/mid game as a bastet.  As in.  If you cant aoe down the creeps, youre prolly gonna die.

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  • SpezzSpezz GlasgowPosts: 141Member

    Played a few matches with him and he's awesome!


    Very squishable though.

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