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Beta Key Discussion, Sources for Giveaways, & Requests



  • miszczu123miszczu123 CracowPosts: 1Member


    Im looking for a GW2 EU Key, I 'd like try out this final beta weekend. plz :)

    Best Regard


  • galanonimgalanonim Wroclaw, CAPosts: 1Member

    i will be really glad if somone send me 1 key for me !

  • LaDraqKumeiaLaDraqKumeia GdanskPosts: 6Member Uncommon

    I had key for the previous Beta Event but I had to spent that weekend in the hospital and I would really like to test the game before the launch. If anyone can give me the code [EU] I would e grateful ^^


    Yours faithfully,


  • clumsytoes44clumsytoes44 portland, ORPosts: 463Member Uncommon

    Anyone have a spare NA beta key? I have a good friend that would like to try it. Thank's in advance for any reply.

  • HellSingsHellSings Toronto, ONPosts: 185Member

    Edit: Given out.

  • MordothMordoth Lenoir City, TNPosts: 65Member Uncommon
    If anyone has a spare NA beta key, I'd love to give the game a try.
  • Afro-ThunderAfro-Thunder Knoxville, TNPosts: 76Member Uncommon

    If anyone has a spare key, I have a friend that I would like to get one for so he can try it out with me this weekend.


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  • urgourgo athensPosts: 40Member

     I would like one key also!Thanks in advance!

  • mgb2012mgb2012 montreal, QCPosts: 1Member

    Could really use one too, In exchange i could give Lv61+ gear or gold in Diablo III.

    Pm me with key and name in Diablo III.

    Thank in advance!


  • zspawnzspawn LimassolPosts: 410Member

    Hi guys an EU key would be great, trying to convince my mates to move from D3 to GW2, I need to show it to them to convince them :D 


    Thanks in advance

  • CarzasCarzas OsloPosts: 3Member

    Would love a key for this weekend! Can trade with a trial in The Secret World. :) 

  • holdenhamletholdenhamlet Posts: 2,945Member Epic

    I'd love a key to try out the game.  I'm dubious because the hype is beyond reason, but it seems like it has a good chance at being a decent MMO.

  • DarthSovDarthSov Tuscaloosa, ALPosts: 14Member

    So yeah I could use a spare NA key for my pal that's interested. /thanks

    Will trade TSW key for it...

  • Br3akingDawnBr3akingDawn a City, CAPosts: 1,387Member Uncommon

    Need a key for friend if there is still any around, we tried buying but keeps giving us error. Thanks ahead of time.


  • zvisxzvisx londonPosts: 11Member

    i got one final beta key to give away ONE! so first to pm gets it so hurry!

    congrats to avrix and the KEY IS GONE!


  • AvarixAvarix Chicago, ILPosts: 485Member Uncommon

    Got the key from Zvisx. Thank you very much! Hope to see ya in-game.

  • madnosmadnos maynard, MAPosts: 84Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm still looking for a NA key. :D

    If anyone could help me out ,I would greatly appreciate it.


    And to all who have keys ,hope you have fun this weekend :D

  • drexydrexy OradeaPosts: 3Member

    Hello guys,


    would be amazing if somebody could spare a EU key for my little bro to play with him this weekend. I would really appreaciate it since i've been trying to get him a key for a week now but no luck.


    Thanks & see you all in game.

  • LEOSULEOSU TaipeiPosts: 4Member

    A free-to-get key site(Taiwan) without registering~two key offer per hour until 2:00AM(GMT+8)~Hope everyone can get one~it's a chance^^


    here is the URL?

  • AsboAsbo ManchesterPosts: 812Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by LEOSU
    A free-to-get key site(Taiwan) without registering~two key offer per hour until 2:00AM(GMT+8)~Hope everyone can get one~it's a chance^^   here is the URL?

     There are loads of beta keys still up for grabs it's real easy to get them....Just pre-order the game and you get a beta key ;)



  • friednietzfriednietz The Study, NYPosts: 118Member

    This is to a poster named windweaver or windwreaver (I forgot ><): Did you get a key?


    EDIT: madnos, I'm sending you one.

  • Deuce6Deuce6 Overland Park, KSPosts: 23Member

    Hey all, would really love a shot at trying out the game, if anyone would happen to have an NA key still available.  Thanks a lot.

  • LEOSULEOSU TaipeiPosts: 4Member

    NOW,it's free to get a key,you don't have to buy the game first.But it offer 2 keys per hour,people who want to get one must be fast.The nearest time is 00:00(GTM+8).

  • ArenthasArenthas 1, ILPosts: 85Member

    If anyone has an additional key, I would really appreciate the opportunity to participate in the beta. Thank you. 

  • xalvixalvi brooklyn, NYPosts: 329Member

    I have one NA beta key to give out. PM me with a reason why you need it and its yours :)


    UPDATE: The key has been given, sorry to those who sent me a PM and did not get a key. Grats to the person who got it though.

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