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BACONXBACONX Wellford, SCPosts: 245Member Uncommon

Is this game still in Beta or has it be officially released?


  • DissolutionDissolution APO, NYPosts: 210Member

    Still in beta. All the games on this website tell you the status of the game under the title, along with release date, type etc. An alternative to the link would to be click the picture of the games icon next to it's name. It will take you to the games main page. Under the title is where all that information is stated. I believe this one is EST release date of 2/27/2012.

    Not being sarcastic by any means, just letting you know for easier research when looking in the future =)


  • BACONXBACONX Wellford, SCPosts: 245Member Uncommon

    I understand. The only reason I asked was the webiste does not mention whether it is or isn't and the date for release on this website states 2/27/12, obviously past the date- even if it is an estimation. They apparently have 5 worlds set up now. I had orignally downlaoded it a few months ago and decided to play some last night. It is okay but I do see where the pruchase of Crowns and cards essentially sets you apart from the rest. Then again it is F2P so they have to make money somehow?

  • BACONXBACONX Wellford, SCPosts: 245Member Uncommon

    Doh, your right. I just noticed on the screen of the game...beta. Hehe sorry, my poor observation skills in practice.

  • holifeetholifeet BournemouthPosts: 532Member

    Originally posted by BACONX

     It is okay but I do see where the pruchase of Crowns and cards essentially sets you apart from the rest. Then again it is F2P so they have to make money somehow?

    My thoughts exactly. It's as if you read my mind.

    I really like the game, and I'm finding myself absorbed in it every waking moment. But then, that's half the problem. I can't be, but feel I have to be to succeed.

    There's too many people around me that are obviously spending obscene amounts on cards. I already spent £10 myself and it got me started and up and running. My cards are almost gone now though, and I feel like I'm back to a long drawn out drive to gain resources and gold...unless I pay for cards.

    I certainly can't keep up with the pack leaders if I don't buy, and what's the point if I just play free? It's a recipe for obscurity.

    Now if there was a world where cards couldn't be bought. A subscription world maybe.

    All hail the Pixel, for it is glorious Orange!
  • Kodigo2Kodigo2 Los Angeles, CAPosts: 1Member

    That dude that gave a first impression of Strognhold Kingdoms was horrible.  He made me not want to play the game or watch what it was even about. 

  • Salio69Salio69 under a rock, FLPosts: 428Member Common

    the game itself is actually pretty fun. been playing it for a month. but its a HUGE pay 2 win game. dont ever expect to be at the top unless you are willing to dish out serious money. one guy was bragging about how he had already spend 700 dollars in the game after only being there 4 days.

  • DomestoDomesto Faraway, CAPosts: 110Member

    I really liked this game, but then something killed it for me and I quit playing. I was in the biggest faction/house on our server. We dominated everyone. Then I find out that some of the leaders and higher members in our faction/house are getting free cards. They had friends in high places. I think they were the Devs claiming to be friends of devs. But the talk over ventrillo was that they were personal friends to the devs. Anyways, killed the game for me right there. I liked being on the winning team but when you find out that your team has an unlimited advantage over the enemy, and you see the enemy get steamrolled over and over with out much of a fight because of it, it stops being fun after awhile. It was in beta, so I guess they could claim to be testing. 


    Anyways, good game except for that...


    I'm now playing god father five families and I cant help but wonder if people are getting free stuff. Some girl on the server I play has godly amounts of troops and everyone cant figure out how she does it. Makes me wonder...

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