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Please Place All Smite Key Requests and Offers Here



  • Crazyace941Crazyace941 Venice, FLMember Posts: 3

    Got my key thanks again...

  • zvisxzvisx londonMember Posts: 11

    got my key thank you so much


    i will be posting refferal keys as i get them so keep watching this thread


  • tsellliostselllios AthensMember Posts: 2

    If someone could send me his/her spare beta key, I would be very happy :)

    Thank you.

  • jogexjogex copenhagenMember Posts: 1

    Could someone please send me a key in pm? i will use one for my buddy and share the other one!

  • thunXathunXa LandauMember Posts: 34 Uncommon

    PM me if you want to participate in the CBT.

    Remember to send me at least 2 keys back or 3 if you dont have anyone to join with you.

    (You will get those 3 keys for entering your one)

    (Login at Web -> Account Management -> Games -> Smite)

  • cooter1990cooter1990 beusichemMember Posts: 1

    hi there im a LoL player and a wow player and im, pretty bored atm :P

    i really want to play smite , i am looking forward to play that game

    plz if anyone have a key im glad to have one ,


    ofc i will post keys here if i got them  


    ty for reading this

    greetz Cootr

  • drikdrik c, WYMember Posts: 1

    Hi im looking for a smite beta thanks :D


    Will post the other beta keys

  • 6SlipKnoT66SlipKnoT6 BurgasMember Posts: 144

    i would like one key too, will post back the rest

  • berlightberlight almadaMember Posts: 156 Uncommon
    Originally posted by 6SlipKnoT6
    i would like one key too, will post back the rest

    key sent in pm.

    have fun :)

    Beta tester maniac

  • berlightberlight almadaMember Posts: 156 Uncommon
    Originally posted by drik
    Hi im looking for a smite beta thanks :D   Will post the other beta keys

    Your account was just created.

    Beta tester maniac

  • SplashyatomSplashyatom AnkaraMember Posts: 6 Uncommon

    i need a beta key for smite too :(

  • GrinnzGrinnz Member Posts: 311 Uncommon


    Smite Key to whomever wants it......


  • Bcbud35Bcbud35 Wichita, KSMember Posts: 5

    Really want a key and will retrun the favor. pm  me with your kind heart and key. : )

  • holifeetholifeet BournemouthMember Posts: 532

    I'll take a key if anyone's got one. :) Thanks.

    All hail the Pixel, for it is glorious Orange!
  • BeegsBeegs InvernessMember Posts: 107
    Originally posted by holifeet
    I'll take a key if anyone's got one. :) Thanks.

    Ok key sent to Holifeet. Youll get 3 keys sent to you when you sign up, pass one of them along here to someone in thread asking to keep things going.

    r.i.p. c!

  • nyaonyao san jose, CAMember Posts: 2

    I'm a League player, so I want to try this out. If anyone can spare me a key, I will greatly appreciate it.

  • hokuto78hokuto78 under your bed, PAMember Posts: 7 Uncommon

    Trading smite key for GW2 beta key.

  • nyaonyao san jose, CAMember Posts: 2

    I have a Gw2 beta key, pm me if your interested in trading

  • TheDemonatorTheDemonator Moorhead, MNMember Posts: 1

    I am new I realize this, but this is how I found the site, and it's actually a pretty cool place.  I plan to stick around.


    Can I get a key from someone please?  I will surely pass a couple on

  • GrahxenGrahxen Bedminster, NJMember Posts: 19 Uncommon

    I have 10 more Smite beta keys.... PM me if you wish to have one. I am not posting in public to new members because the last round I posted, not one person responded and posted the new keys they received.

  • GingerHitmanGingerHitman StockholmMember Posts: 24
    Coming from HoN I'd love to try the game out aswell. If you have one to spare, you can reach me with a PM here or you can head on over to my Twitchtv channel FoahGaming. Need something to play before GW2 hits release :) any referral invites or whatever I'll pass right back to whoever can supply me with a key, will only need 1.
  • robotchio30robotchio30 Nazareth, PAMember Posts: 16

    Here's Four Keys For Smite (Don't Use More Than One Please):



    Shadow Of Apophis

  • TeruganeTerugane Vista, CAMember Posts: 1 Uncommon

    I got   F194C-5CB6E-56C74-5EF9E-CF141 THANKS!

  • burnediceburnedice seven springs, NCMember Posts: 2

    Hi im looking for a smite beta thanks :D

    Will post the other beta keys if my brother and friend dont want the extra's

  • ReaktionZReaktionZ HamMember Posts: 1

    Hello guys!

    I'm looking for a Smite's key, if someone can send me one by MP, it would be great!

    I'd give you back the others keys.

    Thanks a lot!

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