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I would like this game to finally kill Runescape.

DithrainDithrain Newbury Park, CAPosts: 20Member

Call me ignorant, or a troll, but Runescape single handedly created one of the worst communities of all time, and as a result, took a chunk of the modern society, and turned them into MMO gamers in the worst way possible.

Not all Runescapers are bad, and if they donate I know they're actually cool people, but I stick my it... Runescape needs to die.



  • CoS_IanCoS_Ian Xiamen, FujianPosts: 21Member

    Although it's not our intent to "kill" other games (well, not really...), we are aiming at providing a game that thrives from having good content rather than relying on cheap/deceptive cash traps.

    Whether that is such a radically unacceptable concept that is destined to fail remains to be seen, but we'll still give it our best image

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  • LangsdorffLangsdorff Raleigh, NCPosts: 29Member

    While RS is a good game, there are too many in that game that are out to get all they can despite with the other player next to them is doing. Not my way of playing to say "screw you trying to get that gold, I'm going to get it first" but I think it's been that way forever. In other words, most of them are rude. On the other hand, they have similar characteristics that, while RS is still around, CoS has a chance to get in the game, so to speak. I can't wait to see what happens with it after the alpha


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