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Please Post All TSW Buddy Key Requests Here.



  • SanelessSaneless Member Posts: 29 Uncommon

    been looking for a good MMO to hold my attention for awhile, cant find anything that satisfies. Hoping to get a chance to try this before i buy it!

  • AerowynAerowyn BUZZARDS BAY, MAMember Posts: 7,928

    got one buddy key if someone can give me a "good" reason to let them have it ill give it to them :)

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  • BigRock411BigRock411 Barrington, ILMember Posts: 299

    They need to give us more than one key...

    and need to show us the key rather than fill out the recipiants email address to them then have funcom mail them the i can just paste them here as a FFA key give away.

  • rashherorashhero Union, SCMember Posts: 510 Uncommon

    Really looking to try this game out. If anyone has a key left I'd greatly appreciate it.

  • serizeserize CaenMember Posts: 1

    I was one of the first posters on the tsw forums back in the day when we weren't even sure there would be a game...

    And unfortunately, 2 or 3 years later, I wasn't expecting it anymore and I just missed the beta. Now finally game is out and I would really like to give it a try if someone has a spare key!

    Feel free to mail me @

    much love

  • erictlewiserictlewis Cottondale, ALMember Posts: 3,021 Uncommon

    I no longer need a buddy key i went ahead and got the game so if anybody was going to send one my way please send to somebody else

  • MordothMordoth Lenoir City, TNMember Posts: 65 Uncommon
    I have a buddy key available. I'll send it to the first person Who PM's me with their email address.

    Awesome game, BTW.

    Edit: I've sent out my Buddy Key now.
  • SeariasSearias Edmonton, ABMember Posts: 719 Uncommon

    Got 2 more buddy keys to give out, just send me a PM with your email. Oh by the way, Funcom might still have issues with Hotmail and Comcast emails. So, send me an email address other than these.

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  • SculperSculper Chico, CAMember Posts: 1

    I'd really love to give this game a shot, if anybody has an extra key they'd lte me have.

  • SeariasSearias Edmonton, ABMember Posts: 719 Uncommon

    Sent out all the TSW buddy invite. :)

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  • Would love to try this game out if anyone is kind enough to spare a buddy invite :)

  • bug-s-bunnybug-s-bunny van nuys, CAMember Posts: 4

    i would also love a buddy key please pm  me

  • N1kthequickN1kthequick Culver City, CAMember Posts: 24

    If anyone has a spare TSW key, ill gladly give this game a try! 10 year + MMO player and if I decide to buy it, I wouldnt mind joining your guild either if you need a good dedicated player.

  • bestman22bestman22 live oak, FLMember Posts: 92 Uncommon

    when I had the chance to access this game for free I didnt take advantage of it because I mistrusted the company after buying age of conan when it first came out... now after reading reviews and hearing what people have to say I regret that decision, but not enough to shell out another 50 on a game I might not like. That being said please pm me a buddy key if you would, and thank you in advance.

  • pentatholpentathol raymond, NHMember Posts: 8

    I would like a buddy key please.  Like many others, I was burned for a collector's edition of AoC, so I'm not so keen to shell out to funcom sight unseen.  PM me if you have one please.



  • EnsecEnsec RigaMember Posts: 2
    Hello, I would like to try TSW before I buy it. A buddy key would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  • venommonkeyvenommonkey Bantam, CTMember Posts: 18

    I would love to try the game as well, please send a buddy key this way =)

  • kurisukurisu Gananoque, ONMember Posts: 15

    I'd love a buddy key if someone could send me one.

  • AlimannAlimann OsloMember Posts: 28

    I'm also looking for a buddy key if anyone got 1. 

    please send me an pm 

  • NightFallNightFall Minnetonka, MNMember Posts: 1

    Please send me a buddy key, I would to give this game a try.

    Thank You in advance!

  • Chaabo1Chaabo1 StockholmMember Posts: 6

    Hi! I would really love to try this game out, but im sorta in need to try it first.. my budget is sorta thin at this time! If anyone would be so kind as to PM me a buddy-key I would.. yeah I dont even know.. be so damn happy lol. 

    Take care everyone and I hope you all enjoy the game! I heard its nice!



  • pinkeyespinkeyes londonMember Posts: 31 Uncommon

    I am looking for buddy key, pm me or my email is

    Thanks in advance!

  • papizdanopapizdano CeljeMember Posts: 6

    would like to try this game out before buying it tnks in advance

  • dorianisdorianis abilene, TXMember Posts: 1

    i would also like to see this game if someone could get me a buddy key id like to try before i buy please PM me please ill get you my email thank you so much.

  • NorseStormNorseStorm Kettering, OHMember Posts: 9

    I am greatly intertested in finding a new game with a solid community, and it is my hope that TSW will fill these needs. Please PM me if you have a buddy key so that I can try the game before I buy it. Thank you in advance for any help you may provide.

    Played:WOW, FFXI

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