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5 best MMORPGs

nikos0000nikos0000 thessPosts: 11Member

Dragon Nest


DC universe

Guild wars 2


I think these mmorpgs is some of the best



  • Storman1977Storman1977 Columbus, OHPosts: 207Member

    If you're looking for pure, personal opinion -


    Dungeons & Dragons Online

    Everquest 1

    Lord of the Rings Online

    City of Heros/Villains

    Ultima Online


    If we are to look towards less subjective criteria for the "Top 5," then i'm fairly certain my list may have one or two ( EQ and UO) and your own list only one (WoW, seeing as GW2 is yet to hit the market officially) that would actually make the cut.


  • nikos0000nikos0000 thessPosts: 11Member

    everquest and uo was some of the best. Now they are not.What  is your about now.

  • KaniverKaniver OREGONPosts: 108Member Uncommon

    Asheron's Call

    World of Warcraft



    GW2   ((yes even though unreleased at the present moment it's going to be that dang good))


    Compiling this list I realized that each are fantasy based MMO's

    Sorry I missed the early days of Sony's SW Galaxies, it sounded like a great title in the early going.

    Sorrowful that I tried SWTOR ((was gone within 30 days))

    Two others of note

    Rift  -  Did many things right

    Vanguard  -  Oh what it could of been if everyone had been paying attention to the details.

  • CrowkillCrowkill Grants Pass, ORPosts: 8Member



    Everquest 1



    if it's a list of all time i'm pretty sure DAoC and UO would be in the top 5.

  • Zguy114Zguy114 portland, ORPosts: 3Member

    1st off. No way does WoW make it. sorry but just becuz it made a lot of money & young kids popped there cherry on it DOES NOT make it a great game.


    1. EQ

    2. EQ2

    3. D&DO

    4. lotro

    5. Rift



    AoC, Terra Nova & vanguard if there was a community is still a great game.


  • joocheesejoocheese San Antonio, TXPosts: 845Member
    1: Ultima Online
    2: EverQuest / EverQuest 2
    2.5: Dark Age of Camelot
    3: EVE Online
    4: World of Warcraft
    5: Guild Wars / Guild Wars 2
    Though UO is not technically the first mmorpg (as we know them today), I believe it's fair to say that UO shaped the mmo format early in its infancy and popularized the genre, thus ushering in a new age of gaming known as the mmorpg.
    I guess you could say the EverQuest franchise (which is why I included EQ & EQ2) was the first "wow" of the mmo genre. If UO popularized mmorpgs, EQ (and later EQ2) dominated the scene as the most popular of all mmos, until WOW entered the scene.
    I couldn't just leave DAOC out of the list. DAOC, though no longer with us today (though in spirit through GW2), I believe was way ahead of its time. I believe DAOC was the only 3 faction based mmorpg in the market in a time when all other games had only 2 factions. DAOC had some of the most creative and innovative game play in the industry.
    EVE Online is still to this day the only truly successful sci-fi mmorpg. As far as I'm aware, I believe it is the oldest running mmorpg in the market, well deserving a spot in the top 5 mmorpgs of all time.
    WOW is... well, WOW is WOW and anyone who knows mmorpgs knows WOW. Since early on after release, WOW has dominated the mmorpg genre, crushing any and all competitors (in regards to sub numbers). Though I believe WOW's reign is slowly waning, and whether or not you agreed and/or liked/hated the game play, WOW has certainly earned itself a spot in any list considering the best and greatest mmorpgs of all time.
    Arenanet's Guild Wars franchise (to include GW2) I believe fits a similar role to that of DAOC. Neither DAOC or GW1 enjoyed the sub numbers that WOW has enjoyed for so many years; however, both games did enjoy a very strong and dedicated fan base. GW1, much like DAOC was very much its own game and it's still up for debate as to whether GW1 should even be included in the mmorpg genre. From day one GW1 had a unique game play and demonstrated that quality mmorpgs did not always require monthly subs. GW2, though not yet released, embodies the same spirit that made GW1 such a great game. Many people have compared GW2 to DAOC and some have even called it its worthy successor. Though I was hesitant to include a game that has yet to be released (GW2), in today's mmorpg market, it's almost impossible to ignore the mammoth that is at our doorstep and that if predictions are true, will transform the mmo genre much like WOW did when it arrived.
    Obviously all of this is my opinion, I was trying to be fair and unbiased.
  • DreddeDredde HaugesundPosts: 28Member

    Heres my list:



    DCuo (on PS3 not PC)




  • ariestearieste toronto, ONPosts: 3,308Member Uncommon

    Best of All-Time:

    Anarchy Online






    Best of the last 5 years:

    Tabula Rasa

    Age of Conan

    The Secret World


    Fallen Earth


    "I’d rather work on something with great potential than on fulfilling a promise of mediocrity."

    - Raph Koster

    Favourites: AO,SWG,EVE,TR,LoTRO,TSW,EQ2, Firefall
    Currently Playing: ESO

  • nikos0000nikos0000 thessPosts: 11Member

    Which Free to play mmos you think is the best i believe is:



    Dragon nest



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