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So this game is dead???

AC1074AC1074 Houston, TXPosts: 274Member

No news, no updates, no rumors.....guess this game isn't happening. The official site is dead too. Has anyone heard different?


  • ScivaSciva NonePosts: 298Member Uncommon

    I forgot it even existed, sadly.

  • ThreeSixtyThreeSixty Vancouver, WAPosts: 41Member Uncommon


    Stumbled on to this article today.  "Unfortunately it happens from time to time that a good concept for a game cannot be implemented as originally planned."

    The press release fails to add that frequently poor concepts for a game do seem to get implemented somehow.  Whether this one was destined to be good or poor, we'll never know.


  • PainbringerPainbringer Abbotsford, BCPosts: 63Member


    I was really looking forward to that game.

  • thamighty213thamighty213 NewcastlePosts: 1,622Member Uncommon
    As dead as a dodo,  it would have been rubbish anyway in GF's hands.
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