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This game is worth a download.

VeridicVeridic Port Saint Lucie, FLPosts: 72Member

Free to play, fun fps game.

I have been wandering recently looking for a new mmo to bide my time and I came across this fps. A relatively small download- this game has provided me hours of entertainment.



Free to play, you can purchase items but the upgrade is minimal and the MAJORITY are purely cosmetic.

Fast paced games, death match and touch down or capture the flag modes available.

The brackets are split up by levels much like GUNZ

Active playerbase. I have yet to have a time where I couldnt find a populated game to join.

Nifty mission system to complete tasks within the game for in game credits which are used to buy new cosmetic gear or rent other weapons. (This currency is also gained based on wins/kills/touchdowns in a game)

Pretty cool music (see music con)

You can make a difference- the biggest matches are 6v6 and don't heavily rely on super team play (though it helps).

Decent Variety of costume items and weapons (more so than any other dm/td like fps I have played).




Though the edge is small, some people may be turned off by the few stat items in the item shop (but you can always set the game to only allow standard items for fair play).

Only 2 maps to begin with (at level 5 and i'm pretty sure each bracket you unlock a new map to play on)

Music is repetitive (though very good imo) you will only here a couple of songs and they are looped

Items are temporary and you must purchase them after so much use (this is only for weapons, costume items just need to be repaired not re-purchased).

Sometimes missions are buggy and require you to log out of the game and back in.

You are not awarded money/exp until the conclusion of a match so leaving early will result in you losing up to 20 minutes of playing. (I suggest just leaving it on and taking the deaths if you have to go suddenly.)


All in all it is an enjoyable game that doesn't take up much time and provides some quick entertainment, that this gamer seems to enjoy :)


I hope someone finds this game to their liking. Cheers.




  • QuasiRainQuasiRain N/A, COPosts: 125Member

    It's kinda the only TPS MMO that has hot characters right now, so I definitely like it (and because I'm relatively not n00b there). I like this better than, say, MicroVolts where you die too easily. :3


  • DragonantisDragonantis DublinPosts: 974Member Uncommon

    Giving this game forum some life.

    For those looking at this game again, it has really improved in the past months, they have cracked down alot of hackers and exploiters and they are alot less common now. But their are still people trying to hack the hell out of it and posting youtube videos for even the novice user to use these hacks.

    But its well worth it, the games finally on the right track and winning the battle agaisnt the hacks.

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