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Are the servers down or congested?

deuscidedeuscide Austin, TXPosts: 2Member

Having wanted to try out this game I just created an account yesterday (7/14/2012 - Saturday). During the intro movie, or, if I skip it, during character creation, I get a "disconnected' message. I've tried sevral times to play, even today, even on my PS3, with the same results.

Anyone else getting this?

As an aside, who in their right mind disconnects someone during their intro cinema!? Seriously!? You strt to get hyped up to play, Wonder Woman has just gutted some robot, and BOOM, "Disconnected". Low class, seriously low class.


  • ReizlaReizla 3,879Member Uncommon - servers are full by the looks of it.

    Also have to warn you for 'some lag' -> <- made the movie at F2P release but looking at the comments it's still laggy as hell.

    AsRock 990FX Extreme3
    AMD Phenom II 1090T ~3.2Ghz
    GEiL 16Gb DDR3 1600Mhz
    ASUS GTX970 3x HD monitor 1920x1080

  • DragonantisDragonantis DublinPosts: 974Member Uncommon

    I never had lag issues with DCO, as for server downtime yeah in this game happens a bit to much, but that doesnt mean the games not worth it, it really is!

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