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Who will sell most boxes? WoW MOP or GW2



  • WolfhammerWolfhammer KetteringPosts: 806Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Zeroxin
    I put my d*** in every GW2 box so OBVIOUSLY it's going to sell more.

    Hahahaha great stuff.

    This man wins the thread !!!

  • GrixxittGrixxitt New Orleans, LAPosts: 545Member Uncommon

    WoWs success in the western market obviously has everything to do with Chuck Norris and Mister T.

    If those guys aren't onboard with GW2 I seriously doubt it will outsell the panda expansion. I mean its conceivably possible that GW2 gets someone like Clint Eastwood or the ghosts of Charles Bronson and John Wayne to add to the marketing hype but I seriously doubt it. 

    The above is my personal opinion. Anyone displaying a view contrary to my opinion is obviously WRONG and should STHU. (neener neener)

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  • Ashen_XAshen_X PLEASANT HILL, CAPosts: 363Member

    Who cares as long as each sells enough to support ongoing development ?

    When all has been said and done, more will have been said than done.

  • p_c_sousap_c_sousa cartaxoPosts: 620Member

    WoW MOP will sell more but GW2 is clear a much much better game. if WoW original  release at same time that GW2 obvious almost no one will gonna buy it, the diference in quality is so big...

    most of WoW players just still continuous play that game because they invest so much time on that game that now dont want leave it. personally i never understood this, when i get bored of a game i just leave...

  • IcewhiteIcewhite Elmhurst, ILPosts: 6,403Member
    Originally posted by Ashen_X
    Who cares as long as each sells enough to support ongoing development ?

    The Herd has to make up its mind where it will graze next.

    Where the grass is greenest, of course.

    Self-pity imprisons us in the walls of our own self-absorption. The whole world shrinks down to the size of our problem, and the more we dwell on it, the smaller we are and the larger the problem seems to grow.

  • winterwinter El Paso, TXPosts: 2,281Member Uncommon

     Sadly WoW's will beat the silly out of GW2 when it comes to sells, no amount of rabid fanboisism will change reality that much. I mean really GW2 just isn't that big of a thing and using GW1 as a reference it will not come close to MOP. Trust me I am not a WoW fan I just am not caught up in the GW2 hype to start disregarding reality that much. 

  • FredomSekerZFredomSekerZ Long Beach, CAPosts: 1,156Member
    Originally posted by Icewhite
    Originally posted by Ashen_X
    Who cares as long as each sells enough to support ongoing development ?

    The Herd has to make up its mind where it will graze next.

    Where the grass is greenest, of course.

    is it ironic that Pandaria's whole theme is about grass and the color green?

  • PalmyCloudPalmyCloud CandylandPosts: 79Member

    All numbers are for EU/US

    When there are around 4 million that play right now and MoP launches close to GW2 then I expect 1 million to quit WoW for GW2. Then there are those that will buy MoP simply to check out the new content, I expect 1.5 million. Thus, at launch I expect WoW: 4.5 million and for GW2: 1.5 - 2 million.

    Until christmas I guess that there are around 2 million that will join GW2 and the ones who quit: maximum 500k. Thus I expect 3-3.5 million until christmas for GW2. If MoP dissappoints around 1.5 - 2 cancel their sub, if it does not 1 million will quit nevertheless. SO: WOW: 2.5 -  3 million, maximum: 3.5 million

    I can't expect 2013 because by then most people will have finished (max level) and then I do not know how the average player will react to the games endgame philosphy and how successfull PVP will be.

  • SukiyakiSukiyaki Posts: 1,443Member Uncommon

    "Launch day" (aka preorders + normal retail sales):

    WoW: 2.7-3.1 Million ( high or low depending if they pull some marketing ploy again like free playtime handouts for D3 player or something like that or another SoR upgrade)

    GW2: 1.2 - 1.4 Million (Depending on advertisement shortly before launch.)

    1st month (all sales):

    WoW: 2.9 - 3.3 Million

    GW2: 1.6 - 2.0 Million (Depending on ads and marketing)

    1st quarter (all sales):

    WoW: 3.1 - 3.6 Million (Depending how much GW2's success affects WoW they will certainly release a major(ly hyped) contentpatch very fast and promote the expansion again.)

    GW2: 2.4 - 2.8 Million (Depending on ads and marketing)


    Of course NA EU only (no Brazilian/Portugese user)

    "Hey I ignored all the fun content and played this game like a hamster because it was possible just spending long enough time in the wheel. Why are games so boring X-clones these days and can't be more like X? Im going back to grind repeatable tasks in X and hone my skills with some dice roles, waiting 14 months for the next paid content patch."
  • GrumpyJesterGrumpyJester AmersfoortPosts: 96Member

    I do think MoP will be the least succesful expansion so far. It will not break Cataclysm's record.


    However, I still think it will outsell GW2, especially within the first week of release.

  • nGumbeinGumbei New York, NYPosts: 33Member

    Guild Wars 2 is a better game by far, but it doesn´t seem that any MMO-game really has the ability to compete with WoW nowadays, not by quality but numbers. WoW will get better sales of course, however, in the long run .. Guild Wars 2 has the ability to win if luanched well. Remember that this won´t be a usual MMO-sales, like many have shown, GW2 will be able to sell many many copies for those usually playing F2P games but are changing to GW2 because of the model.

    So, in the marketing and the short run Blizzard with its WoW but in the long run GW2, if Anet played their cards well.

    PS. I am only talking about EU/NA. There´s no chance that any game in the world will be able to get more sales in China than WoW.

  • OtomoxOtomox HoooooPosts: 303Member

    Anything else than MoP outselling Guildwars 2 would be a huge surprise.

  • xmentyxmenty SingaporePosts: 683Member Uncommon

    GW2 will sell almost the same amount like D3.

    Its a one time payment and it will sell very well.


    Pardon my English as it is not my 1st language :)

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