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Please Post All TSW Buddy Key Requests Here.



  • JMoney95JMoney95 Kelowna, BCPosts: 211Member

    Anyone PM me a buddy key please? Game looks very promising!

  • DragonantisDragonantis DublinPosts: 974Member

    Ive been hearing alot of good about TSW lately, so im looking to try her out :)


    Thanks in advance :)

  • katabaskatabas sdfsdfsdfPosts: 1Member

    pls for key:



  • FireSplitterFireSplitter TimisoaraPosts: 5Member Uncommon

    Hello, sorry for double post but i forgot to leave a mail.

    If anybody has a spare key I would galso like to see the game before spending money on it,


    Thanks in advice.

  • asami1980asami1980 GroningenPosts: 1Member

    I would love one aswell.


    Thanks alot in advance!

  • jkfcjkfc nijmegenPosts: 39Member Uncommon

    I would like to have a buddy key please



  • bletsoniusbletsonius SalonicaPosts: 51Member Uncommon

    can i please have a buddy key? i dont know if there is any reward for the person that gives me the key in case i buy the game, but im 99% sure ill get it either way, just wanna try it out a little bit before just to make sure it fits my style.

    Thanx a lot in advance, i will be much obliged.


  • arctarusarctarus nilPosts: 2,574Member Uncommon
    I would like to have a buddy key please. Thank you.

    RIP Orc Choppa

  • RixxarRixxar MunichPosts: 19Member

    hi, im still looking for a buddy key. thanks in advance


  • blazingxxx02blazingxxx02 yeahPosts: 9Member Uncommon

    Key has been claimed.

  • CarneliaCarnelia BelrosePosts: 1Member

    I just downloaded the client and would love a buddy key to play around :-)

    Please send to lpammer AT gmx DOT net .




  • xpballerzxpballerz Mechanicsburg, PAPosts: 1Member


    I would sure appreciate a Buddy key to play around.

    email -


  • zombiewheatzombiewheat Calgary, ABPosts: 9Member

    Have a buddy key to spare? I'd sure like to receive it.

    Please PM it to me and I'll be sure to update here when I get one.


  • bug-s-bunnybug-s-bunny van nuys, CAPosts: 4Member

    Please pm me a buddy key


    thxs in advance

  • rashherorashhero Union, SCPosts: 510Member Uncommon

    I'd like a key. Please PM it.

  • pinkeyespinkeyes londonPosts: 31Member Uncommon

    I have client all ready and waiting to go anyone have buddy key would be very greatfull!

    Pm or email please to

  • DragviperDragviper CaracasPosts: 100Member Uncommon

    I would love a buddy key please, anyone willing to help? Thanks in advance :D

    PM me and will send my email :)

  • SeanSPSSeanSPS Tucson, VAPosts: 37Member

    I'd like a key as well!!

    PM if you  can send me one! :)

  • Blista05Blista05 Montreal, QCPosts: 9Member

    Interested in acquiring a Buddy Key,  thank you

  • ArixtotleArixtotle Albany, NYPosts: 31Member

    First person to PM me an email address gets my buddy key.

  • jmdelandjmdeland Waxhaw, NCPosts: 4Member

    I am also looking for a buddy key. Thanks!


    **Got it, thank you Christina!**

  • DaftDaft placerville, CAPosts: 130Member Uncommon

    hook me up with a key please!

  • erictlewiserictlewis Cottondale, ALPosts: 3,021Member Uncommon

    if anybody has an extra budy key,I would like to try the game please. I keep hearing good things about it. 

    thanks in advance.


  • RanyrRanyr Posts: 197Member Uncommon

    Oo, buddy keys? I'd love a chance to try before I invest. PM me if you have an extra, thanks in advance!

  • darlasdarlas madridPosts: 2Member

    i want to see TSW, any have one buddy key ? :)  thanks

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