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Ikariam: Game Update 0.5.0 Now Live and Giveaway!

MikeBMikeB Community ManagerQueens, NYAdministrator Posts: 6,056 Rare

We're giving away three codes good for 120 Ambrosia in Gameforge's free-to-play title, Ikariam, in order to celebrate the launch of game update 0.5.0!

Ikariam's 0.5.0 update introduces new building slots to the game while also revamping the game's interface and layout.

We'll be giving away the three Ambrosia codes first come, first serve, so if you want one be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Learn more about Ikariam here.


Michael "MikeB" Bitton
Community Manager
Twitter: @eMikeB


  • OzmodanOzmodan Hilliard, OHMember Posts: 7,877 Rare

    You might want to check out that site address, seems if there is information about the game on that site it is deeply hidden.  I had to go to the gameforge site to even get an inkling of what the game is about.

  • YimelosYimelos AthensMember Posts: 27 Uncommon

    Hi,my best friend loves this game and he would be very happy if i gave him one of these codes.

  • Blix77Blix77 San Francisco, CAMember Posts: 1

    I would really like one of these codes

  • thanoskkkthanoskkk AthensMember Posts: 229 Uncommon

    same here, i want one

    He that lives upon Hope dies farting.

  • Ever-AngelEver-Angel Petrovaradin, AKMember Posts: 46

    i want one

  • ela002ela002 -Member Posts: 9 Uncommon

    need one

  • BTrayaLBTrayaL BucharestMember Posts: 621 Uncommon

    One pls..

  • lindenmeyerlindenmeyer Natal, ALMember Posts: 42 Uncommon

    any key left?


    thanks anyway :D

  • cucorcucor sarawakMember Posts: 1

    i need key pls... 

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