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What other MMOs will you be playing along with Guild Wars 2?



  • xenogiasxenogias warsaw, INPosts: 1,926Member

    Planetside 2 and MAYBE firefall are about the only other 2 I would be interested in MMO wise.

  • KhrymsonKhrymson Eorzea, MOPosts: 3,090Member Uncommon

    FFXIV 2.0

  • PJonePJone Leonardtown, MDPosts: 63Member
    Originally posted by Magnum2103
    Planetside 2, but much more casually than Guild Wars 2.

    Same deal, but only because we'll have community members playing it. And by much more casually we mean maybe for a few hours before bed on a weekend if our server has a significant lead in WvW that particular night.

  • seridanseridan ThessalonikiPosts: 1,202Member Uncommon

    No other MMO from those currently out there. I'll be playing a lot of Borderlands 2 though

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  • MattVidMattVid Terre Haute, INPosts: 399Member

    Will be playing some Firefall after the milestone update. Will most likely be trying out the FFXIV 2.0 "beta" when it comes out as well. Might try out TSW. Also looking forward to PS2, though not sure when I will be able to play that. GW2 is going to definitely be a main focus of mine and will be hard to pay a subscription to anything with so many "F2P" games becoming available, either by the subscription model or because it is beta.

  • NailzzzNailzzz fullerton, CAPosts: 515Member Uncommon

         Pretty much just GW2. I may do some Path of Exile and some Marvel Universe online on occasion though. but mostly just GW2.

  • RoxetteRoxette ZwollePosts: 56Member Uncommon

    I guess I will be playing Tera from time to time and perhaps a litle bit of Aion

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    Playing: Guild Wars 2, WoT

  • xikribxikrib Richmond, INPosts: 17Member

    Along with Guild Wars 2, I will be playing Runescape (I love the new combat system), Raiderz when it releases, Wild Star when it releases, and Torchlight II when it releases!

  • DaezAsterDaezAster new york, NYPosts: 788Member Uncommon

    Playing tsw now but will leave it be for a while and crack out on gw2. When I get burnt out on gw2 maybe back to tsw until further development in other games coming out. Can't wait for borderlands 2 and halo 4 either. It is shaping up to being a great gaming holiday season.

  • The_KorriganThe_Korrigan EastPosts: 2,630Member Uncommon

    None in the first months, but I will definitely get Pandaria at some point. Blizzard still have an amazing art team and I definitely want to see how they did those new areas at least once.

    I will also get the Rohan expansion for LotRO but only when it's for points in the shop so I can buy it for free with my 500TP per month (lifetimer) since I've sworn I will never give a cent to Turbine again.

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  • FredomSekerZFredomSekerZ Long Beach, CAPosts: 1,156Member

    All of them. The only way i would stop playing other mmos is if one could hold my interest for months upon months.

  • GorillaGorilla Posts: 2,231Member Uncommon
    I'm a serial monogamist when it comes to MMOs.
  • fenistilfenistil GliwicePosts: 3,005Member

    ArcheAge - IF it will P2P or offer separate pure P2P servers when it comes to west. can't stand playing sandbox or even partial sandbox with cash shop , rmt-microtransactions.

    AA will limit my time with GW2 making it 'secondary / back-up' mmorpg, but propably will visit it every now and then.

  • QSatuQSatu WarsawPosts: 1,742Member Uncommon

    probably none. But I would like to try FF XIV 2.0 and TSW someday.

  • oubersoubers bazelPosts: 854Member Uncommon

    just GW2, and D3....but thats not am mmo so none...


  • AvatarBladeAvatarBlade BucurestiPosts: 757Member Uncommon

    If I get GW2, the other MMO I will be playing is PS2 probably. 

  • p_c_sousap_c_sousa cartaxoPosts: 620Member

    none. after try GW2 i just dont care about other MMO

  • bartoni33bartoni33 Southern IllinoisPosts: 1,691Member Rare

    Well I am really enjoying TSW right now. More than I thought I would. More than I enjoyed TOR when it first came out (preordered both). More than any other MMO I've ever played. So much so that honestly I'm not sure how much of GW2 I will be playing. Being FtP I won't be compelled to play it because I would be "wasting money" if I didn't. We will see.

    All that being said, I still plan on playing TOR every now and then. Haven't touched it since TSW came out but I'm subbed until middle of next month. I like TOR a lot but right now TSW is actually making me WANT to keep playing just one more mission. Kinda like I used to be when I played any Civilization game. JUST ONE MORE TURN!


  • ExilorExilor Las Palmas de Gran CanariaPosts: 391Member

    FFXIV as long as they don't wowify it too much. 

  • megera23megera23 BurgasPosts: 239Member

    No plans for any other MMO currently. I generally play only one game at a time.

  • zimboy69zimboy69 chicargo, FLPosts: 388Member Uncommon

    none why  would i pay money fo another game i wont be playing


    when im bored  of GW2  ill look around for something but who knows when that will be it could be  august  2012 or  august 2017 


    the only other mmo would consider  buying  while playing  GW2 is another B2P one


  • lilHealalilHeala ZwollePosts: 522Member Uncommon

    For some time none because I'm still vbery bored with the generic mmo's that use the same formula. But I'll probably check LOTRO occasionally because I got a lifetime sub, love the lore and still relate to hobbits having had it as my main character for years.

  • MrlogicMrlogic Posts: 178Member

    Since I bought "premium" for BF3, I will probably play that along side GW2 :)

  • CorrineCorrine miami, FLPosts: 77Member Uncommon



  • ShojuShoju Hicksville, NYPosts: 776Member Uncommon

    None.  I am going to just play GW2 for the next couple of years.

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