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Please Post All TSW Buddy Key Requests Here.



  • Orbi99Orbi99 OdessaPosts: 1Member

    Want to try before buy it, someone plz send buddy key. I'd be very gratefull

  • KonranKonran Chicago, ILPosts: 2Member

    Would love a buddy key, please send one to

  • slurpee222slurpee222 Calgary, ABPosts: 21Member Uncommon

    would love a buddy key as well!!

  • ffxrazielffxraziel ijmuidenPosts: 8Member Uncommon

    i would really appreciate a buddy key :

  • dominicidominici MelbournePosts: 9Member

    Wow, so many requests for a buddy key, I hope my request doesn't get lost in the deluge, but here goes: please, if anyone has a spare key, thank you:

  • AvaaanteAvaaante South Bend, INPosts: 1Member

    If there are any extras please send me one. I would be an awesome buddy I promise.

  • gonholiogonholio los angeles, CAPosts: 2Member

    Would LOVE a buddy key! Email is

  • ShadowvoidShadowvoid superior, WIPosts: 7Member

    Would love to try this game out! Been down on my luck with son being sick so don't have the extra money to buy games. Thank you in advance if you got one. If so just send me a message here.

  • AnimeGodAnimeGod Sydney, FLPosts: 12Member Common

    willing to swap a SMITE beta key for a TSW Buddy Key



    Cheers guys

  • PalmolivePalmolive brantford, ONPosts: 1Member

    I would love to try this game out if anyone has a key to space :)



  • gavda123gavda123 PlymouthPosts: 3Member

    Would love to try the game .. if youi are super duper expeali duper king send it to 


  • CorpsedCorpsed Winchester, VAPosts: 1Member

    I'll definitely list my buddy key availability here once I buy my account, but I'd love to get a buddy key sent to my email semeon [at) gmail [dot) com to help convince me to buy this awesome-looking game. Any help would be sexually appreciated!

  • AryslanAryslan Sant Just DesvernPosts: 26Member Uncommon

    I would really appreaciate if someone could PM me a buddy key, woud like to test the game before buying it. 

    Thanks in advance!

  • KunessuKunessu Woodstock, GAPosts: 1Member
    Will edit once key is recieved.

    Could I get a buddy code please. Thinking about getting the game and would love to try it out since I missed beta. Send in pm if anyone has one to spare thanks.

  • VarlasVarlas Sioux, IAPosts: 21Member Uncommon

    I'd definitely appreciate it if someone could spare an extra buddy key. I haven't had the chance to play the betas but I'm now intrigued about this game. I'd like to see how the gameplay is before purchasing it.

    My email is:

    Thank you in advance whoever can send me a spare key.


  • gzSmoggzSmog Commerce City, COPosts: 9Member

    I woudl also really like a buddy key if you ahve a spare trying to decide between this or gw2

  • AbefromanAbefroman nerwyn, ILPosts: 11Member

    Trading GW2  BWE3 beta key for a TSW buddy key.  PM me

  • LaneriousLanerious Aiken, SCPosts: 3Member

    I'd love to try TSW out if anyone's got a key.

  • ashpeashpe MelbournePosts: 10Member

    Can somebody please send me a buddy key? Most likely going to buy just need to make sure beforehand!!





  • zombiewheatzombiewheat Calgary, ABPosts: 9Member

    Would really appreciate a buddy key here, I'd like to see how the game runs on my laptop before I sink some dough into it.


    Please PM, I'll keep checking. I'll be sure to update if I get one.



  • KedoremosKedoremos Nashua, NHPosts: 435Member Uncommon

    Can I get a buddy key as well please?

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    For 7 years, proving that if you quote "fuck" you won't get banned.

  • rnor6084rnor6084 brunswick, GAPosts: 111Member Uncommon

    I'd like one please.



    PM me here.



  • drawingbraddrawingbrad greenwood, INPosts: 67Member Uncommon

    Id love a beta key. Played all through alpha and closed beta, just don't have the money!

  • phorimphorim Canton, MIPosts: 9Member

    If anyone has one, I would appreciate a buddy key as well. I definitely prefer to try before I buy (though I'm usually easy to please).

  • KalierKalier FolkestonePosts: 10Member


    I like the others before would really like a buddy key to give this a try. 

    if you could PM me on here with one, would be really greatful

    many thanks


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