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[Illuminati] Tempest - An Adult Guild - PvE/PvP

DiemosDiemos Portsmouth, VAPosts: 129Member




Recruitment Video


Hello all, I would like to thank you for your interest in checking us out. We're currently using the only available server during the betas, we will update our server info as we go into launch.

About us:

Tempest Gaming is an active gaming community for people over 20 years of age, that prides itself on its organized structure. We're a casual gaming community who will never give you a problem about placing your partner, kids, or other real life responsibilities above your game time, while maintaining a home for the more competitive gamers too. Thus our membership ranges from college students, career professionals, and even a few retirees.

Our History:

Tempest was established March 15, 2011 within the MMO Rift. A small group of players banded together to build the top guild on the Threesprings Shard. Within a few months the guild ranks had grown to over 300 members with over 175 registered accounts. The guild flourished as a casual and fun guild with something for every play style. In October of the same year, Tempest began branching into other MMOs, while waiting for the release of SWTOR. In December, about 40 members jumped into SWTOR and played strong until February 2012. Most members became dissatisfied with the game and began branching into other games such as Aion, DDO, Vanguard, WoW, and a few other MMOs, leaving SWTOR as a casual/PvP game for most. After a core group found interest in TERA from playing closed beta, Tempest started recruiting thoughout beta testing and into launch. After a successful recruiting campaign Tempest is one of the top 5 guilds on the Frost Reach server.

Our Main Games:

Tempest Gaming consists of dedicated players who enjoy working together as a team to accomplish common goals in all aspects of gaming. The following games have Tempest Branches:

TERA - Frost Reach Server

Guild Wars 2 - The Wilds(beta)

The Secret World - Hulda

*Note - We have members that play other various MMOs and FPS, so we can support group activity in many games. This includes the recent release of Diablo 3.

What Are We Looking For?

Tempest Gaming is looking for players that are interested in both PvE and PvP aspects of The Secret World. We welcome both casual and competitive play styles and have a playerbase to support them. We are also looking for dedicated players that enjoy being part of an active community, be it in-game or on our forums. This also means we aren't looking for a role, skill-level, or "gear score". We are interested in growing our community of quality members by recruiting you, not just the character you play. Last but not least, you can leave drama at the door but a sense of humor is a must! We're all adults here looking for a good time with friends.

Tempest Gaming offers you:

- An established multi-game community

- A mature and drama free atmosphere where you can enjoy your game time with friends

- Skilled members and an experienced leadership team that will make you feel comfortable and welcome

- A user friendly website, active forums, ventrillo, and a podcast to keep you up to date with gaming news and guild activities

Please visit us at to apply. Our podcast is also on Itunes, search Tempest Game Cast in the Itunes Store. We look forward to meeting you! 



[PvX]Tempest - Check us out


  • ScriveanScrivean Fort Worth, TXPosts: 11Member

    The Tempest Syndicate, our TSW guild, has been chosen as a Founder Cabal. Our Officers and members will be in game this weekend (22-24 June) on the Chimaera Server. whisper any of us for information, or for an invite. Vist our website above as well. We look forward to a strong presence in The Secret World.


  • ValerantValerant Dyer, INPosts: 13Member

    Headstart is just days away! Come check us out in open beta this weekend.  We will be running 5 man dungeons and trying out some PVP!

  • ValerantValerant Dyer, INPosts: 13Member

    Headstart is tomorrow!  If you are looking for a Illuminati cabal at lauch check us out!



  • DiemosDiemos Portsmouth, VAPosts: 129Member

    Well, one week since headstart and the cabal is building up. Come join us @


    [PvX]Tempest - Check us out

  • ValerantValerant Dyer, INPosts: 13Member

    Hey guys.  The Tempest Syndicate has been growing and developing a great bunch of members!  We are activly hosting events within guild for PVP and holding those run instances and even elites.  If you are intrested in a mature community that believes a good relaxing gaming enviroment come check us out!

  • DiemosDiemos Portsmouth, VAPosts: 129Member

    We have players that are searching for lore, PvPing, getting Nightmare attunements, and completing zones. Join an active adult community.

    Check us out at



    [PvX]Tempest - Check us out

  • ValerantValerant Dyer, INPosts: 13Member

    Our cabal is bursting with active members! Come check us out if you are looking for a home. 

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