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Have one beta key for someone!

JustsomenoobJustsomenoob lexington, KYPosts: 865Member Uncommon

I got one of the beta keys from cursed...but I ended up pre purchasing the game soon after anyway, so I still have this unused key for someone.


Post why you want the key, what you're most looking forward to, or just anything really that you want.   In some hours I'll pick the response I liked and give that person the key.  (Not gonna make you wait forever, I'll give it away today).




I gave the key to Zerosky.  Sorry I didn't have more to give, just wanted to give it to someone that seemed kinda on the fence about whether they were going to play or not.  Maybe one more person in game on release day because of this key!


  • xenptxenpt V.N de FamalicPosts: 430Member

    Well i already pre purchashed the game but that key if you gave me, would be for a friend that works with me , he wants to try the game before buying it and when he sees how amazing the game is he will buy it instantly.




  • MihagaborMihagabor LendavaPosts: 5Member

    Why do i want the key?

    Its simple, i want to test the game first before i buy it ( wich is 80% that i will buy it ) and because i missed the Bw2 giveaway cause the 1 day that my internet breaks down right on that day they decide to have giveaway :(

    2. reason is that i have 5 friends thay pre-purchased it ( i have limited budged SADFACE ) and i want to play with them.


    Sry for my English -_-

  • me2etme2et HomsPosts: 8Member for the OP :p

    well to be honest i just want to see the no pro player or crap like that,i just want to try some classes n_n

  • ZeroSky29ZeroSky29 dallas, TXPosts: 4Member

    i would like the key because i'm not really one that can afford to waste money on things just for the hell of it so i basically stick to F2P games and  i wanna try the game as i hear its the last beta weekend they are gonna have. I've seen plenty of videos of people playing GW2 on youtube and it looks very interesting, but i wanna get a feel for the game myself and see if the game is up there with the hype its gotten. 

  • KingJigglyKingJiggly Simpsonville, SCPosts: 777Member
    I want the key so I can can open the door to a higher intelligence, to bathe in its awesome glow, to feel the Care it puts forth for all to feel, if only others would feel it. I want the key becuase of all the things I regret in my life, so that I can escape to a more perfect world in which I can show my true colors, a Asuran necromancer that calls forth death with its very breath, and to go to unnaturally high cliffs, to jump jumping puzzles like no one has ever jumped before, for jumping is good for jiggling the jiggles. For I am king jiggly! Jiggliest of them all! Hail me!
  • billm1985billm1985 St. Joseph, MOPosts: 4Member

    I missed the beta key giveaway at curse to pickup a key.  I really want to check out the game before I prepurchase.  Does anyone have an extra beta key to give away?  I would really appreciate it.  My e-mail is

  • Smitty88Smitty88 Windsor, ONPosts: 103Member

    I would love the opportunity to try this game. Ive play GW1 for years and am dying to try my most favorite race to date the Charr out.  I've come across tough financial times and cant afford to pre order but when the release dates comes I most surely will be buying GW2.

    If picked I will play the snot out of the BWE and maybe we can group together. The whole WvWvW pvp system gives me goose bumps.


    NA key I will need if thats what your giving away.


    p.s. Ill throw in a SMITE beta key also if you need one.

  • TenjouTenjou OgrePosts: 20Member

    Hi, I'm tech developer for startup company and one of our research field is procedural generation. Would like to experience, how arenaNet is handling game dynamics and gameplay elements.


  • JustsomenoobJustsomenoob lexington, KYPosts: 865Member Uncommon

    Okay I gave the key away (grats zerosky), sorry if I didn't pick you...wish I had more to give to people.


    Looking on google seems like some sites are still doing giveaways for more keys, give those a try.

  • VarossVaross Posts: 4,048Moderator Uncommon

    Gotta keep the key talk in the key thread folks.  As always you can find it here:


    Please keep it all in there.



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