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The Secret World: Screenshot of the Week: TSW Lifetime Subscription Edition!



  • asfaraslarryasfaraslarry Phoenix, AZPosts: 23Member Uncommon

    That lifetime subscription?  Uhm...we could be here for awhile...

  • RhavynRhavyn GiePosts: 1Member

    MMORPG is bloody buisness


  • DracEyeDracEye HeidePosts: 1Member

    having a nice evening with my friend Saiid on a Hotel in Egypt

    and as you can see he is ordering the same shirt as i have online :)

  • ReinzielReinziel LeedsPosts: 1Member

    The only way to be more hot than wearing an t-shirt is if you set one on fire. So I did.

  • nFAcnFAc VarelPosts: 1Member

    Just me looking cool, trying my luck

  • MenestrelMenestrel ToulennePosts: 33Member Uncommon

    Click for fullscreen :)


  • FalcomithFalcomith Hastings, FLPosts: 800Member Uncommon

    Click Picture for actual size.

  • animedragonanimedragon Midvale, UTPosts: 1Member

    Click image for bigger size.

    I would dig winning this contest!

    I would dig winning this contest!

  • LueNaeLueNae Kearns, UTPosts: 1Member

    Dancing for Lifetime!

    (click image for bigger size)

  • DanjessDanDanjessDan GPosts: 8Member

    Just... uhm... hanging around :-)



  • RatssinisRatssinis Victoria, BCPosts: 1Member

    So... Run?

  • Preacher26Preacher26 saranac, NYPosts: 366Member Uncommon

    What stop sign? man that was close!

  • AthisioAthisio spring, PAPosts: 72Member



    This is what happens when you cross the mmorpg mods.....

  • StarchStarch Greenbelt, MDPosts: 6Member

    Delete this post

  • stunny99stunny99 West Warwick, RIPosts: 1Member


    My wife and I were on vacation in the Savage Coast. Who would have thought I would need my axe and she would need her blood magic!

  • jenseajensea Vancouver, BCPosts: 47Member Uncommon



    I hope I can get a manicure when Ockham's Razor opens. Zombie killing is hard on the nails. I should probably get a lifetime membership or something.

  • xanizaxaniza west warwick, RIPosts: 1Member

    This darn roller coaster dropped us off at the top!  RAWR!

  • WrenderWrender Conway, ARPosts: 1,386Member

    Ok, excuse me for bein ignorant but where do you even GET the MMORPG T-Shirt from?

  • StarchStarch Greenbelt, MDPosts: 6Member

    (Amernia is bodyguard aka babysitter duty as punishment for disobey a order)

    Freddie (claw hand): "You and your Conspiracy Druf, Michael Jackson and LaToya Jackson are not the same person. And eating KFC will not make you sterile. "

    Druf(hunchback): "Are you sure?"

    Freddie:  "You need stop spending all you time on the internet"

    Amernia: Why me?

    (Those Conspiracy I mention are actually conspiracy theories, check the link below)

    Bodyguard (aka babysitting) duty

    Weird Conspiracy Theories


  • StarchStarch Greenbelt, MDPosts: 6Member

    Goddamn It won't let show my picture with my text without making the image tiny.

  • arleckquinnarleckquinn MPosts: 1Member


    You say GOD, I say ILLUMINATI

    By.- ArleckQuinn

  • Nothing like a view of the Hellish Egyption desert sands from upside down on you're head !!!

  • sinraven1642sinraven1642 columbus, GAPosts: 1Member

    So... That lifetime subscription. I believe that belongs to me, hand it over, and no one gets hurt.



  • DarkWolfyDarkWolfy Montreal, QCPosts: 71Member Uncommon

    Welcome to Kingsmouth!  Welcome to The Secret World!

  • BeansnBreadBeansnBread PshPosts: 6,088Member Rare
    Originally posted by jensea
    I hope I can get a manicure when Ockham's Razor opens. Zombie killing is hard on the nails. I should probably get a lifetime membership or something.

    It looks like she's tapping on the window to our reality from her reality. 

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