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The Secret World: City of the Sun God - Egypt



  • grimfallgrimfall Missouri City, TXPosts: 1,152Member Uncommon

    It would have been sort of cool if someone actually wrote an article rather than just stringing together a bunch of quest descriptions.

  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid GinnungagapPosts: 8,031Member Rare

    patiently waiting for tomorrow to start the beta. I hope FunCom is actively working on overhaulin the animations (specially combat / Skills animations).

  • DanitaKusorDanitaKusor AdelaidePosts: 553Member Uncommon

    Well I got a key for this weekends beta and even better it's on a weekend when I'm on holiday so I'll get a good chance over the next 3 days to try out the game.  That will give me an opportunity to decide if I buy it or not.

    The Enlightened take things Lightly

  • Shana77Shana77 UtrechtPosts: 227Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Kupocygirl
    Great EA another way to make it seem that the New World Order is just BS coz it's in a game. *sigh* what a great way 2 disinform the masses :(

    LOL :D

  • pokerhspokerhs osloPosts: 3Member

    I can't wait for this game, I am ultra psyched!

  • IllyssiaIllyssia LondonPosts: 1,524Member

    I have been greatly enjoying closed beta testing of Secret World. Nice to know from Funcom that the CB testers can comment on open beta tests without breaching their NDA.

  • wrightstufwrightstuf Carlsbad, CAPosts: 658Member Uncommon

    Currently tier 9/10 on "black Sun Red Sand" story line. Need to confront the black pharaoh, Akhenaten. Hes owning me hard and cant figure him out, heh...anyone help with a tip?

    PM me and thx!

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