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The Secret World: Screenshot of the Week: TSW Lifetime Subscription Edition!



  • kallistakallista citeMember Posts: 58


    ? ? ? ? ?


  • LuxatriaLuxatria St. Louis, MOMember Posts: 25

    Cart wheeling in Egypt for a lifetime. :3

    Bigger version ->

  • CaldrinCaldrin CwmbranMember Posts: 4,505 Uncommon
  • JohnnymmoJohnnymmo Salt lake, UTMember Posts: 99
    Originally posted by kallista

     ? ? ? ? ?     


    Hot ;) who said char were ugly???
  • KenzeKenze Member Posts: 1,217 Uncommon

    zombies pissing me off!

    Watch your thoughts; they become words.
    Watch your words; they become actions.
    Watch your actions; they become habits.
    Watch your habits; they become character.
    Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

  • xanthaixanthai KielMember Posts: 13

    I'm burning with excitement for this contest.

  • deanwindeanwin Cleveland, GAMember Posts: 8


    Another night at church and the Gods tell me to try and win the lifetime sub and defend the church will all my might....may all the MMORPGers be blessed with kindness

  • jomarinomailjomarinomail Manalapan, NJMember Posts: 1

    This is my character in the most unlikely of Illuminati strongholds - The Kingsmouth Church. They could have been a bit more subtle though, no?

  • runtime13runtime13 BresciaMember Posts: 2

    The moon is high, the claws are ready, the's shirt is worn, now I just howling at the moon and hope to win!!!!

  • Land_SharkLand_Shark Kelowna, BCMember Posts: 52 Uncommon

    Leap Of Faith


    Trusting his instincts, he jumped from Agartha in a Leap of Faith to secure his prize.....



  • desslanddessland Kingsmouth, MEMember Posts: 12 Uncommon


  • runtime13runtime13 BresciaMember Posts: 2

    The moon is high, the claws are ready, the's shirt is worn, now I just howling at the moon and hope to win!!


  • CrashrollCrashroll KeravaMember Posts: 60 Uncommon
    Originally posted by kallista
      ? ? ? ? ?      

    This one sure has the look of a winner...

    After this competition, doubt anyone can bash TSW for ugly graphics.

    Not tonight dear...I have a haddock!

  • soulwyndsoulwynd Petropolis, Rio de JaneiroMember Posts: 47 Uncommon

  • desslanddessland Kingsmouth, MEMember Posts: 12 Uncommon

    sorry double post



  • KyarraKyarra Member Posts: 737 Uncommon

    I have my Ice on you MMORPG! I would love a lifetime Subscription to TSW!

  • hERO_tHEORYhERO_tHEORY columbia, MOMember Posts: 2
    Originally posted by Razimov
    Look at this baller shirt! It says "Lifetime Meee!" lol      

    Either way, Thank you for the free shirt =)


  • OrphesOrphes TreMember Posts: 3,048 Uncommon

    Anyone that ever wondered who makes all the great grafitti in the tunnels over at Illuminati sewers in New York?


    I'm so broke. I can't even pay attention.
    "You have the right not to be killed"

  • KerravonKerravon PerthMember Posts: 6 Uncommon

    Time to welcome our guests to Kingsmouth.


    Uploaded with

  • Klivesun30Klivesun30 Clark's Harbour, NSMember Posts: 1

    OMG a MMORPG Tee???  I'll Take that!  Yoink

  • R3mixTheoryR3mixTheory Saint John, NBMember Posts: 1

  • holydreadholydread Saint John, NBMember Posts: 1 Uncommon

    I'm not saying it's a threat exactly... but it's probably safer to let her win.

  • id3aboyid3aboy Land o Lakes, FLMember Posts: 1


  • ChaomixChaomix AucklandMember Posts: 2 Uncommon

    Wow!! I'm playing The Secret World in The Secret World!! Which is playing The Secret World!! :D

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