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Dragon Next EU?

MikeJezZMikeJezZ DenmarkPosts: 1,170Member Uncommon

Which version should EU players play?


I downloaded the cherry  version of t he Dragon Nest cus the Nexon version said copyright NA... I couldnt really see which version was the EU version so figured the cherry version was.


However Im having major lag, so are both versions US or?

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  • Domy1Domy1 MansfieldPosts: 40Member Uncommon

    For EU players Cherry is the only one officially you can play on.

    A previous post said US was possible by signing up via proxy to hide where you are as that is the only time IP is checked (cannot confirm)

    I  played on the cherry version last week and have to say I did not experience any lag in game just for some reason a jumpy intro cinematic.

  • KalemeroKalemero Ownage TownPosts: 3Member
    New update to the dragon nest EU - EU version is out "soon".  -- closed beta presumeably starts sometime in January 2013. 
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