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are sandbox mmos going in the wrong direction?

arcanistarcanist johannesbergPosts: 163Member

compars sandbox mmos to sandbox single player games. darkfall and mo are failing. minecraft and mount and blade are thriving. I wonder what sandbox mmo developers are doing wrong?


  • RamanadjinnRamanadjinn Huntsville, ALPosts: 1,365Member Uncommon

    a modern UI, a robust PVE game, and a camera that isn't first person locked would get me playing one.

    i'd be playing SWG right now if it hadn't gotten sunk.


    my point being sandbox mmos aren't going in the wrong direction. they simply aren't going at all.

  • yaminsuxyaminsux Posts: 973Member Uncommon

    When it comes to sandbox, you cant blame devs entirely. Sandbox thrives on active/good community, if anything I would ask this....

    Is MMO community nowadays going into the wrong direction...think about it.

  • maplestonemaplestone Ottawa, ONPosts: 3,099Member Uncommon

    I'm not sure that these games are really close enough (in style or in ambition) to be easily compared to each otherm but if I try to compare my reactions:

    The main reason I didn't try darkfall is because it was hyped as being aimed at a niche playstyle I didn't enjoy.

    The main reason I tried minecraft is because players were doing their own enthusiastic viral videos and it was dirt cheap.

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