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Customer Service...NOT!



  • kaludytkkaludytk texarkana, TXPosts: 45Member Uncommon

    the game is still wonderful. sure there a couple bugs in a few quests but it is not game breaking. you can come back and do them another time, no big deal.. and im sure you will since you will want to grind the AP for more skills.

    I do agree with the bad customer support, i have my own story to tell about it but i got past the problem and i'm not going to come onto a forum and cry about it.


    OP you had a few minor issues and you came running to the forum crying like a child who dropped their ice cream. get over it. 

    "this is too much." LOL. you had a bugged quest and a minor graphical issue. OH those have never been experienced before. Also, for the record, funcom also made anarchy online which is still to this a day a wonderful game...i'm sure they have "business in the mmo world".


    not a "fanboi" but i think your post was a little ridiculous and did not need to be brought here.

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