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What god should I choose? NEED HELP

ThijsIsBaasThijsIsBaas didamPosts: 5Member

Hey guys, I really don't know what god i should purchase..

There's so many of them and I've heard that the tags given to the gods don't match all the time which makes it even harder to chose..

So, I need ur help

I'm looking for a god with tons of CC and some good escape or mobility and if it's possible a beefy god.

any suggestions?


  • Komarcek1Komarcek1 LjubljanaPosts: 6Member

    Sobek has tons of CC he is magic than maybe Arachne she is Physical

    Read god spells here

  • mcrippinsmcrippins Dallas, TXPosts: 1,242Member Uncommon

    Yeah Sobek is really the only god I can think of that matches that description. Guan Yu is also really strong and has cc, but he will be nerfed soon. Ymir is also really good. I prefer to build him AD, which i've never really seen anyone else do.. ever. But his passive makes it good.

  • CastillleCastillle KhobarPosts: 2,676Member Uncommon

    Hades comes to mind as well.  Wukong if you build him tanky too.

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  • ThijsIsBaasThijsIsBaas didamPosts: 5Member

    Hey guys, I wanted to buy guan yu first but my friend bought him, so I will buy sobek since we always play together ^^

    Thanks for the suggestion, I tried him in a botgame and he seems pretty fun with the fling and the ulti!


  • DeathJerkyDeathJerky El Segundo, CAPosts: 6Member

    A little late of a reply, but Ymir is amazingly good also. Great AoE cone stun, beefy ult and a wall that(when used correctly) leads to kills or prevention of deaths.

  • bboyzortbboyzort Los Angeles, CAPosts: 1Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Komarcek1
    Sobek has tons of CC he is magic than maybe Arachne she is Physical Read god spells here

    pretty good website. thanks for sharing! 

  • PoufPouf St-hyacinthe, QCPosts: 341Member

    I may be late , but i would go for Hades 

  • jugularveinjugularvein North Olmsted, OHPosts: 368Member

    Id say Hades first, but ppl forgot to mention Anubis, if built a bit tanky he can be a beast.  Plus he has 2 cc's which can come in handy, hes more of a mid ranged mage but can do some serious damage and cc if built right

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