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Post Salem Beta Referral Links/Invites Here



  • TipTopPoetTipTopPoet Somerset WestMember Posts: 3

    I have a spare key to the Path of Exile closed beta that I'd like to trade for a Salem beta key if anyone is interested...

  • slobkingslobking Ashaway, RIMember Posts: 4

    I have a smite beta key I'm willing to trade for a Salem key.

  • lucasr90lucasr90 SMember Posts: 5

    I'm also looking for beta access, if you played the beta and for any reasons don't want to play anymore, please send me a pm. Thanks

  • BetaguyBetaguy Halifax, NSMember Posts: 2,591 Uncommon

    I got two extra keys up for grabs, anyone interested?


  • widlowidlo texarkana, TXMember Posts: 8

    betaguy do you still have a key ? i would like one if so . thanks

  • HairysunHairysun none, OHMember Posts: 1,060 Uncommon

    I'd be happy to take one of those off your hands Betaguy

    Iv'e got a shiny new "Path of Exile" Beta key for trade if interested.




  • babacbabac SarajevoMember Posts: 179

    Anybody have an extra key ? 

  • CastinarCastinar OKC, OKMember Posts: 2

    Been watching all the videos I can find --- and reading the pdox forums that are available---would love to join closed beta if someone has any extra keys!


    Thanks in advance---I'll see you in open beta at the least!

  • pacovpacov Saskatoon, SKMember Posts: 311

    I am very interested about the game. I love crafting and I would die to try this game out. If any generous person has a spare beta key, I would be very grateful so I could try the game out.

  • lokeshowlokeshow boston, MAMember Posts: 1

    Hey guys,


    I would love to join the beta for this game. It looks awesome and just he pace I would like in an mmo. pm if you would like to give me a ke! thanks and see you settling soon.



  • mcrippinsmcrippins Dallas, TXMember Posts: 1,192 Uncommon

    Really Reeeaaallly would like to get my hands on a beta key. If anyone can help out I would <insert sexual innuendo here> you.  Drop me a message.



  • KokoiopKokoiop quebec, QCMember Posts: 29

    If someone have a spare key, I'm interested.


  • fldashfldash Oklahoma City, OKMember Posts: 227

    I have an account I'll trade for another beta or MMO account... Message me.

    Former xFire user... I only wanted a game tracker and messenger, not a screenshot taker, video recording, broadcasting piece of bloatware.

  • xenoclixxenoclix PerthMember Posts: 297 Uncommon

    Im very interested in Salem! Just looked into the game itself and really sounds interesting and fun to get my hands on!

    I have other games like Dota 2 Steam Gift that i am not using aswell ;)



  • vulnehvulneh Tel-avivMember Posts: 2 Uncommon

    I would like to try Salem out , im just a fan of Permadeath Games , was playing Ultima Online for 6 years.


    if any one can give me beta key it will be very nice of you.


    And i could give you SMITE beta key also.

  • kangusskanguss LutinMember Posts: 2
    hi guys, if anyone has key or invite id like one too
  • CelciusCelcius Member Posts: 1,063 Uncommon
    I am interested in a Salem key.
  • lucasr90lucasr90 SMember Posts: 5
    I'm willing to give my Forge  ( closed beta access as soon as it goes live (I will get one of the 10k automatic beta invites), all I ask is access to Salem closed beta.

    Thank you
  • xenoclixxenoclix PerthMember Posts: 297 Uncommon

    Still seeking a Salem key :). Continue pretending to play it via watching Youtube gameplay clips!


    I do have 2x Dota2 keys to trade.

  • xpiherxpiher Indianapolis, INMember Posts: 3,311
    Need beta key

    Currently playing:Nothing
    Will play: Darkfall: Unholy Wars
    Past games:
    Guild Wars 2 - Xpiher Duminous
    Xpiher's GW2
    GW 1 - Xpiher Duminous
    Darkfall - Xpiher Duminous (NA) retired
    AoC - Xpiher (Tyranny) retired
    Warhammer - Xpiher

  • jamigrejamigre New York, NYMember Posts: 280 Uncommon
    love paradox interactive, have been playing EUIII for ages now, and would really love a beta key for this game. 

    Check out my side project  - a mobile lfg tool for any game, any time. 

  • cartermaticcartermatic Temecula, CAMember Posts: 53
    Would also love a beta key.. if anybody is willing to spare one :O i can also trade a smite key for a salem key. 


  • cyphaloncyphalon Forest Lake, MNMember Posts: 4 Uncommon
    Could use a key if anyone has a spare =D
  • milwalmilwal LondonMember Posts: 63 Uncommon
    Looking for a Beta Key if anybody has a spare...
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