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Guild Wars 2: FINALLY!



  • Loke666Loke666 KalmarPosts: 19,908Member Epic
    Originally posted by Fangrim  First of all I am happy you like the game but you didn't join a group,you ran around solo doing what everyone else was doing in a zerg with little or no communication as in chat .For me its chaotic and the reason there is no point in grouping is no trinity no point to group.Everyone is dps dodge class.

    No, you did that. You missed the group content such as the great dungeons.

    How social is really any open world zones in a modern MMO? GW2 is more social than anything I seen since Lineage 1 at least. And even in the open world you will get a lot more out of the game if you create a group, and preferably run where the events doesn´t have 50+ players.

    There are good reasons to group even in the open world but unless you did you missed them. The group dynamics are actually a lot more interesting than one would think before really trying them out.

    Try group with some friends and run a dungeon, then we can discuss this again if you still feel that the group dynamics ain´t good enough.

  • TheTrueKingTheTrueKing San Antonio, TXPosts: 427Member

    Its really easy to tell that Guild Wars 2 is absolutely nothing like the game play of Guild Wars 1.   The only thing that connects the two is the world and the lore.

    Personally I'd rather have my eye lids and finger nails removed slowly with tweezers then to play 1 hour of Guild Wars 1.  

    Thank god Guild Wars 2 does not play like Guild Wars 1 or I wouldn't be interested in this game either.


    Where I grew up as a kid, we had vast amounts of wilderness around me.  Within these woods there were streams, a river, Cliffs, abandoned mining towns, mine shafts, caves and many other things like a 200ft water fall with a serene lake on top surrounded by trees. 

    I remember during summer break from school, I'd wake up early in the morning, step out onto the front porch, and take a deep breath.  My adventures for the day were about to begin.  I'd then head out with my back pack filled with possible needed adventuring tools.  Knife, lighter, hatchet, small blanket, some sandwiches and a few other little things like a pellet gun and some fishing line with some hooks.

    The sense of exploration was amazing, feeling like I was the only 12 year old kid whom has ever adventured this deep into the woods.  What could I find, what could I see?  Could I run across dangerous animals?  Would I possibly find treasure? I had to find out for myself! you can bet your ass I sure as heck did.


    Now that I'm getting older and don't have the ability to do these things in real life its been a long time since I've had that feeling of adventure, especially in a video game.

    I figured after playing 95+ hours that the excitement I have for this game would lessen atleast a little but now after 2 BWE's and 2 Stress tests I'm even more excited to continue my adventure in this game.   During my 95+ hours played already I've only explored %15 of Tyria.  I had spent a lot of time just exploring realizing this game has givin me that feeling I use to have when I was a kid.  Finally a game that provides true Adventure and Exploration!!  It is truly amazing how this game is so immersive and vast that it can give someone those similar experiences and feelings.


    I can't wait for August 25th and I'm having a hard time finding something to do to buy my time until then. 


    here is something to consider for those mentally blocked and stuck on the thinking of "End Game" and stuff.

    If by level 38 with 4 zones 100% explored I had only explored %15 of the entire game that means I'd reach max level around %35-%40 of the world explored leaving %60+ available for "end game content"  but I guess if you can't open your mind and get past what the previous games have brainwashed you into believing is needed for a game then I guess you wont see the possibility that lay within this game.  

    Guild Wars 2 does have Raid content, It does have Gear that you will want to work hard to obtain.  You just have to realize how they are providing it and what it is for.  They provide the raid content for nearly everyone to experience not just a small percentage of players.  The gear isn't to help you become uber powerful but to become uber cool looking and make a statement that you accomplished something to obtain that gear.  If you don't have that look from that armor set then you have not completed that content....


    I do realize any explination will not accomplish anything with those sticking their fingers in their ears, smashing their eyes shut and blowing raspberries in denial but oh well have fun pppbbbbttttttttttt  XP~~

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