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Most disappointing MMO? [Poll]



  • GMan33GMan33 Sterling Heights, MIPosts: 79Member Uncommon

    Oh by far, the most disappointing is SWTOR. I mean were not talking about a bad game, were talking about a game, that was "expected" to do very, very good....but then turned out to be an utter disaster. And that is SWTOR. When you have the IP of Star Wars, the supposed quality and genious of Bioware, and the financial backing from would expect...shit....this game is gonna be great!

    Well, when you attempt to copy EXACTLY the biggest mmo that is called World of Warcraft, which is the pinnacle of MMOs, and will NEVER be dethroned, only by itself or just by prolonged time that people will move on......well then you just set yourself up for disaster.

    And SWTOR launched with SOOOOOOOOOOO many missing BASIC features that ANY mmo should have at launch in 2011/12.....i mean cmon. What dumbass thought they can get away with that?!?!

    SWTOR will stand to all other companies of how NOT to make an MMO and hope to rival WOW.

    Did i have fun with SWTOR? Sure 1-50, the first time. By i dont play an MMO for just "story" and be done with it. I play an MMO for the long term...and SWTOR has one of THE worse endgame features in existance....which is basically no features and no incentives to really keep playing (there idea is to make you keep making alts so you dont play the end-game because they know its extremely limited).


    Anyways yeah....SWTOR the most disappointing MMO in history considering what it had going for it.

  • loulakiloulaki PatrasPosts: 941Member Uncommon

    i voted for Warhammer cause its has a lovely lore and a huge background for units/characters etc, and they ruined all that just to make a WoW clone ... : /


    also SwtoR was close, but even from betas you could see the fail ..!

    at Warhammer case i was young and couldnt judge well the betas ... after Aion i knew what to except from every MMO ...


    sadly GW2 blown our mind away


  • WeretigarWeretigar winifrede, WVPosts: 600Member Uncommon

    I picked other, which is FF14. I was a huge FF fan tell they took out fun minigames and free roam air and vehical travel. It's been a disapointment ever since FF10+

  • ZetsueiZetsuei Posts: 247Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Alders
    Why is there no FFXIV option?  How could the obvious winner of such a poll be absent?

    What this man says.

    My vote goes to FFXIV. Just nothing but heartbreak with the game. It actually hurt my soul when I played it and I seen it was a broken game. Had such high hopes for it. Heres hoping 2.0 can bring it back from the dead.

  • ZylaxxZylaxx Erlanger, KYPosts: 2,574Member

    Voted Tera. 


    Eastern/Asian games should never be ported to the west, our gaming cultures are to diametrically opposed to ever make a Asian Grinder work in the US.

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  • korent1991korent1991 CakovecPosts: 1,364Member Uncommon

    I wanted SWTOR to be so much more than it is... I was hoping they'll fix things from SWG and improve the SW mmorpg game a lot, but instead they went few steps down and they made worse game than SWG :(...

    So seeing SWTOR for what it is when it was released was really a big dissapointment..

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  • FredomSekerZFredomSekerZ Long Beach, CAPosts: 1,156Member

    We need another one of these with Final Fantasy instead of SWTOR, since it's clear who the winner is. Anybody else agree?

  • RuinalRuinal duhPosts: 195Member

    Of all the mmo disappointments, SW:TOR comes top by far. It should have been so very much more than it was, without even considering the 'talent' and money chucked at it.

  • chryseschryses LondonPosts: 1,453Member Uncommon

    I knew SWTOR was a little bit of a let down  (well a lot for me) but 45% from over 600

  • Z3R01Z3R01 NYC, NYPosts: 2,426Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Alders
    Why is there no FFXIV option?  How could the obvious winner of such a poll be absent?

    Its so bad I forgot about it... sorry lol.



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  • FredomSekerZFredomSekerZ Long Beach, CAPosts: 1,156Member
    Originally posted by Z3R01
    Originally posted by Alders
    Why is there no FFXIV option?  How could the obvious winner of such a poll be absent?

    Its so bad I forgot about it... sorry lol.


    Make a new poll without SWTOR Z3RO1. Hell, we should have a championship to find the most dissapointing one. TOR as 1st place. Let's see who as second, third, etc.image

  • Ashen_XAshen_X PLEASANT HILL, CAPosts: 363Member

    For me it was Champions Online.


    I've loved the IP for over 20 years now. The idea of a free-form open character build superhero game, with literally millions of combinations in the character ccreator, emphasizing fast paced combat in a setting with over 100 books of lore to draw upon seemed like a dream come true...


    Nightmare is more like it.

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  • BeansnBreadBeansnBread PshPosts: 6,088Member Rare

    It was shocking how bad SWTOR was after the amount of money they spent on it combined with a reputable development team working on it. I was given a reference from one of the people I used to do arenas with in WoW, a long way back, and later on he apologized to both me and my brother no matter how many times we told him it was ok.


    There were fundamental flaws with that game. PvP was at the heart of it for me. However, I was also part of raiding in SWTOR (just like I was in WoW) and the shockingly easy difficulty turned me off hard.


    In the end, SWTOR was the most disappointing experience of my MMORPG experiences. EVE and WoW are by far my favorie MMORPGs of all time. For different reasons. But SWTOR was shockingly bad once I figured out how poor their game designers were through play.

  • TolrocTolroc Wendell, NCPosts: 109Member Uncommon

    SWTOR was a disspaointment, but I saw the direction it was heading months before the game was released, and didn't buy it. I voted for DCUO. If you look at the direction they were headed and then what they settled for in the last minute during beta, it was a huge disapointment.


  • GrixxittGrixxitt New Orleans, LAPosts: 545Member Uncommon

    Voted SWTOR, more for what it isn't opposed to the game it is. Thank god they offered the free to play open beta or I probably would have wasted 60$ on that POS.

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  • PhryPhry OxfordshirePosts: 8,336Member Epic

    Darkfail, for a game with so much potential, it just failed to achieve it, repeatedly.. though must admit, it was hard to choose between darkfall and DCUO, the level of fail in both those games is almost achieving parity. image

  • SovrathSovrath Boston Area, MAPosts: 21,642Member Epic

    I put Aion.

    Not to say taht I didn't enjoy Aion, but i followed it since it was announced and it wasn't what they said it was going to be. Initiallyi each server was supposed to be different depending on player decisions.

    Also, and this was probably my fault, coming from Lineage 2 i expected the game to have a wider, open world and have a similiar siege system. I don't like the sieges in Aion.

    Still, a pretty good game and I enjoyed myself but it did not fulfill my expectations.

  • NirwylNirwyl Nowhere, NVPosts: 103Member

    For me it was Star Trek Online. Had such high hopes for that one. Other games listed here I didn't/don't care about enough to be let down as much.

  • WarlyxWarlyx UnknowPosts: 2,195Member Rare


  • JonnyBigBossJonnyBigBoss Murrieta, CAPosts: 702Member Uncommon

    Warhammer Online. I was expecting it to kill WoW but it didn't even get close.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic is similarly a game that I expected a lot from but got nothing.

    Both games are horrible, for the record. I can't believe anyone plays SWTOR. The entire game is trashy.

  • XzenXzen Los Alamos, NMPosts: 2,607Member Uncommon

    FFXIV was horrible.

  • TruthXHurtsTruthXHurts El Do, KSPosts: 1,555Member Uncommon

    I chose SWTOR because of the wasted IP. 


    I actually kind of enjoy DC UO, but I play it on PS3 and it feels like more of a console game. I don't think I'd enjoy it at all on PC.

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  • botrytisbotrytis In Flux, MIPosts: 2,836Member Uncommon

    I played TOR in beta and knew it was going to be bad so I didn't vote for it. TSW, on the other had could have been so much more but they really rushed it out. So I voted for TSW.


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  • OcenicaOcenica Cocoa, FLPosts: 96Member Uncommon

    SWTOR for me.

    If you look at the games Lucas Arts put out 10 years ago like X-wing vs. Tie Fighter or the Jedi Knight series and the stuff they let get put out now.  It's a disgrace.  I know it's done by other studios now.  Bioware, EA, or whomever is putting it out is just milking the Star Wars merchandising machine.  If it has Star Wars attached to it, I will pass.



  • ste2000ste2000 londonPosts: 5,845Member Epic

    Definetly SWTOR.

    I wasn't expecting to be the next big thing, but certainly I didn't predicted such a POS coming from Bioware.

    For me Bioware died with Swtor, I don't think I am going to buy any more of their products (in particular after playing Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3)

    I hope Zenimax won't kill Bethesda ID by producing a TES MMO with the same characteristics as Swtor (Casual and shallow)

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