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Is it me or GW2 PAY 2 WIN game?



  • timtracktimtrack StockholmPosts: 456Member Uncommon

    Yes. Guild Wars 2 is P2W...


    ... PLAY TO WIN, that is.

  • CaldrinCaldrin CwmbranPosts: 4,505Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by seridan
    Originally posted by Caldrin

    Not sure how accurate this leak is.. Probally old by now as I have not been keeping up with things... It mostly looks ok.. a few iffy things..

    It is an old leak. Currently the contents of the store are these:

    ah thats actually the one i was looking for..

    Explains a bit better waht the transmutation thing does :)

    Also dont mention buying for trading gems for gold in game..

    Anyway like it said its certainly not the worse cash shop ive seen.. there are items in there people will feel the need to buy but the company needs to make money :)



  • seridanseridan ThessalonikiPosts: 1,202Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Caldrin

    Anyway like it said its certainly not the worse cash shop ive seen.. there are items in there people will feel the need to buy but the company needs to make money :)

    True, I intend on buying all the style items in the long run. I'll look cool and the company will make money, we both win

    Block the trolls, don't answer them, so we can remove the garbage from these forums

  • CaldrinCaldrin CwmbranPosts: 4,505Member Uncommon

    Theres no gear gap at 80.

    You get a set of level 80 armor for free to use in pvp at anytime. The better looking pvp skins require you to play pvp and accumilte currency. In PVE there will be some cheapo bland looking armor sets that you can create/buy for next to nothing. A person with alot of wealth will be able to get the better looking pve skins without any effort, but at no advantage. This makes ingame currency not giving you any advantage only in looks on certain skins.   and for the other shop items: On beta the stones just copied the appearence of 1 item to another and destroyed it in the process. Its just a system that allows you to choose how you want to look. The chests you open with keys just contained more gem shop items. Like exp boosters etc. Again there is no gear difference so how is it pay 2 win. If you are trying to hit 80 fast then you are just bypassing content for no reason, and will get bored and move back to panda land sooner.

    Ah thats pretty cool then :)


  • alf2oooalf2ooo milanPosts: 136Member Uncommon

    The OP is obviously a troll, I mean how many chances you have to find that page in the GW2 WIKI without reading anything else?

    You shouldn't bother answering.

  • NaqajNaqaj Frankfurt am MainPosts: 1,673Member Uncommon

    Guys, it's no use, they found us out. Here's how P2W works in GW2:


    Step 1: You buy as many gems as you can afford.

    Step 2: You use them to get dye unlocks. Use them all to get as many shades of green, brown and black as you can

    Step 3: Use the green, brown and black dyes to make a camouflage pattern on your gear

    Step 4: Go to PVP. Your opponents can no longer see you, so you can easily pwn them.

    Step 5: ...

    Step 6: PROFIT!!!

  • KalmporosKalmporos GroumpaPosts: 292Member Uncommon

    OP, is EVE p2w in your eyes?


  • JustsomenoobJustsomenoob lexington, KYPosts: 865Member Uncommon

    Sunglasses are pretty P2W though I admit.   I mean if someone else has sunglasses and you don't, how will you compete?



  • p_c_sousap_c_sousa cartaxoPosts: 620Member
    Originally posted by Justsomenoob
    Sunglasses are pretty P2W though I admit.   I mean if someone else has sunglasses and you don't, how will you compete?    

    especially if you are fight with sky no clouds, the sun can blind you but the guy with sunglasses will not get blind.....more P2W than this cant be. xD

  • negativf4kknegativf4kk WorthingPosts: 380Member Uncommon

    Thank you all for posting got all info i wanted

    <a href=""><img src=""; border="0"></a><div style="font-family:arial,sans-serif;font-size:11px;"><p>Sign by Danasoft - <a href="">For Backgrounds and Layouts</a></p></div>

  • meesimmameesimma DurhamPosts: 4Member

    surely this is just a joke or deliberate baiting thread?


    why would mods not lock something this stupid :S

  • Makeitso_GWMakeitso_GW Seattle, WAPosts: 3Member

    "I log into the game 6 month after realese. Go into shop thingy, buy Gems, sell them on AH or directly to Arenanet, buy best gear from AH, progress...... what an illussion of mmo(((("


    You are only doing yourself a disservice there.  How does that make you win or effect anyone else's game?  All you did was take the fun out for yourself.  I call that pay to lose.

  • Makeitso_GWMakeitso_GW Seattle, WAPosts: 3Member
    Originally posted by Adalwulff
    I feel sorry for anyone who dumps a ton of money into gems.

    I don't.  More monies for Anet to keep supporting the kick ass game.

  • CetraCetra SingaporePosts: 355Member Uncommon

    I feel sorry for any fantasy mmo gamers who dont play gw2. finally a top quality mmo with no sub. They must be frickin sick not to try it.

  • GhostGeishaGhostGeisha AlbufeiraPosts: 286Member

    i just hope it doesn't turn out an Allods Online 2.

  • pacovpacov Saskatoon, SKPosts: 311Member
    Originally posted by wonderwise
    i just hope it doesn't turn out an Allods Online 2.

    nah.. that game was the master of p2w.. those perfumes would literally double your health and damage.. i mean how more p2w can you get

  • Chase187666Chase187666 Caledonia, ONPosts: 138Member Uncommon

    I swear people are making these posts just to see how many people they can make mad


  • slicknslim88slicknslim88 Norfolk, VAPosts: 394Member

    Seriously...enough with these god damn threads about pay to win, it's been established countless times that it's not pay to win, if you had half a brain, you could figure it out yourself, but since the OP doesn't, people have to carefully explain to him how much of a moron he is and so we waste our time doing so.


    about sums up how I feel about the P2W argument.

  • eye_meye_m Notta Chance, ABPosts: 3,313Member Uncommon

    Every game out there is pay to win, except GW2.

    All of my posts are either intelligent, thought provoking, funny, satirical, sarcastic or intentionally disrespectful. Take your pick.

    I get banned in the forums for games I love, so lets see if I do better in the forums for games I hate.

    I enjoy the serenity of not caring what your opinion is.

    I don't hate much, but I hate Apple© with a passion. If Steve Jobs was alive, I would punch him in the face.

  • hundejahrehundejahre Chicago, ILPosts: 339Member

    It's you.

  • loulakiloulaki PatrasPosts: 938Member Uncommon

    well its the cash shop/ gem store its not Pay 2 Win, but Pay 2 See Content ...


  • ButregenyoButregenyo IstanbulPosts: 483Member Uncommon

    Spend a million dollar then come and try to win against me and my guild.

  • VaultarVaultar adelaidePosts: 339Member
    Originally posted by Master10K
    I can link to. image

    HAHHAHHAHAHHA omg thats hilarious XDDDDD thanks for the link!!!

    Looking forward to EQL and EQN.

  • FozzikFozzik Posts: 536Member Uncommon

    I'm actually really looking forward to all these folks who are calling the game Pay2Win spending thousands of dollars to amass a huge fortune in in-game gold before they realize that there's absolutely nothing they can buy with said gold that they couldn't have gotten through normal play. They also will soon discover that there's absolutely no way to "control" or corner a market that is game-wide. So they've basically just payed huge sums of money to ruin their own experience and get some placebos that nobody else will even notice. I guess at that point they'll be buying gems and wasting it all on hats and sunglasses.

    Oh, the crying we'll see.

  • SebberSebber KoldingPosts: 221Member
    Originally posted by Butregenyo
    Spend a million dollar then come and try to win against me and my guild.

    Well im just going to hire the best players in the world :) GG

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