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League OF Legends TrollBunal.

RenoakuRenoaku Posts: 1,434Member Uncommon

What much can I say about this community, but Riot Games is starting to look just like Gamers First. For those who are not aware of the gamers first incident I will briefly tell you. I was harassed by Exile a gamers clan in Fallen Earth for months, I had spent well over $300 in the game, and had a 6 month subscription which I even updated from  the $15 subscription which I had for 3 months to the $30 a month sub for  3 months and as a subscriber had a total of 6 months. Well i got suspended from the game because of this clan and their harassment, No Warning, no anythign just immediate suspension over a chat that happend in Global chat because someone got hurt and was like OMG this person is racist over a political debate which they started and baited me into.

Anyways with that said Riot Games is starting to look like a Troll community and have the support of Gamers First. Riot Games is a good company, but I would like to point out this.

I mostly play random arena's because its easy to play, when I started LOL maybe over a year ago I don't remember my exact starting time, I never had a single problem or suspension on my account neither a warning, but lately the community has got very bad in this game. In fact both my warning and suspension were because of the Tribunal, which is easy to abuse not from Riot themselves.

Anyways Often when I join a game I have to put up with summoners, or other players being Trolls sometimes 3-5 games in a row I have to put up with little kids trolling running in 1vs2 dying to the point where I can't play with them so the only option is to play myself, go in a lane 3vs2, or kill mobs and hope the game lasts long enough to get farmed up enough to try to win the game, but often they are too fed by then because of the trolls.

Also I did notice on my warning I got in my email before, this happend shortly after I played (Evelynn) and just recently I played (Evelynn) people were screaming at me about reporting me for Kill Stealing, when its a team game and not my problem I do more damage, etc.

The Result is the Tribunal is and can be abused.

I am pretty sure all the moderators here know of a thing called IP address, and given the fact that everyone has access to the Tribunal a user can use multiple accounts for the purpose of spamming punish, even a punish bot for that matter, and there is no real way to weed out this problem.

I have sent in a support to Riot games and told them about the issue which keeps going on in this communty TROLLS, we don't need them I don't want to waste 45 minutes or more dealing with them, and for that matter wish I could just leave the game, but can't. Sadly There is no way to avoid them, and I have to put up with their Trolling, or in game Harassment.

In my opinion because I don't have statistics, The Real Players, are getting suspended more over stupid things than these trolls which I constantly report. We are the ones putting money into this game, these Trolls just make Throw away accounts from multiple IP addresses, I could for example do the game with any forum or game I have 30 thousnad of them IP addresses, and hardware spoofers for games that detect hardware information, but my point is that these trolls don't care, it just harms the real people who play this game.

*** Trolling with Adult content on the LOL site?***

I have seen adult content aka explicit materials posted on the League OF Legends forums, they were there for I think a week if I remember correctly but more than 5 hours at least. These images linked to that one site with the clover which had explicit content exposing minors under the age of 18 to adult content. I reported this to LOL, and complained about it the only reason which it got removed. So seriously any real moderation on the boards either?

Which you can see here on this post a guy linking to adult content, which I have censored the link and no actual content is show on this board, however I have a video documenting this as well as original snapshots which show the content and link on the LOL site.

In fact my forum account is supposed to be suspended from LOL for posting, but check this I am still able to post lol.

( A copy of the suspension Email.)

Greetings ***,

Certain in-game activity on your account has been found to be in violation of the Summoner’s Code by the Tribunal.

As such, your account and forum posting privileges will be temporarily suspended until 2012-07-05 12:07:18.

The most common cause for this warning is either harassment or disruption of gameplay (intentional feeding, etc.). Bear in mind that the definition of harassment can range from direct, overt verbal harassment, to intentionally creating an unpleasant gameplay environment.

We want to encourage you to read the Summoner's Code and contribute to the community in a positive light.

Please note - a member of the Riot Games Customer Support Team is assigned to audit the system, paying particularly close attention to any serious penalties doled out by the Tribunal and confirming the verdict before allowing the punishment to be carried out.

If you have any questions on our policies, please donít hesitate to contact us at

Summoner's Code:

You can read the Tribunal FAQ here:

Terms of Use:

In addition to what I have said, I would like to know why my account was suspended, and see what I have done myself what I have done to get this suspension not what they say.  People spam Report X Player for X reason including report this player for FEEDING which I get a lot, or Kill Stealing.I know that in World OF Warcraft, out of over 3 years of playing that game I only got a warning on my account for using the 4 letter word, they showed me too what I had said. In this community they don't show you what you have done to get the suspension, the only give you a punish, or Pardon option and some chatlogs, I have seen how it works too, and any number of players can use a bot or just spam punish on a bunch or pradon for that matter whatever they feel like. In fact I believe my suspension is not because I argue with Trolls, but because I played Evelynn, both times shortly after I was suspended. Check out their forums I am not the only one complaining.

I feel that RIot Games should publish these logs, or show people proof of why they were suspended, and point out actions public, or privately in an automated system it would be a lot easier for players to see what they have done wrong if they have.

So supposedly I as a player am lead to believe my account suspended because of Trolls, and because of playing Evelynn, maybe I argued a Troll and something went into the logs I can't see them I don't know exactly but that these trolls should be dealt with.

The real question that parents should ask. Is League OF Legends safe for their 13-17 Year old's to be playing on when they are expsoed to such explicit content, trolls, and harassment.




  • DisdenaDisdena Troy, NYPosts: 1,093Member Uncommon

    Whether in LoL or Fallen Earth, players who spend money don't deserve preferential treatment. The amount of money that you spent on either of them shouldn't be a factor. If you're right, you're right, if you're wrong, you're wrong. Any argument that you're one of the ones "supporting the game" is moot. Furthermore, people who get baited into breaking the rules are still breaking the rules. It takes a real coward to say: Sure I made some racist remarks, but it's their fault because they started it.

    People die in LoL all the time in both unranked normals and high Elo games; there are often a few dozen deaths per game. Saying that someone went in 1v2 and died doesn't automatically make them a child or a troll. It's not a crime to be overconfident or to make a mistake.

    Kill Stealing isn't against the rules, even if done intentionally by a support. Riot doesn't act upon Tribunal reports based on kill stealing. That's certainly not what you were suspended for. All those times where people say "Report X for feeding" don't count either; being a bad player and going 0/6 is not against the rules. If there's no proof that you were dying intentionally—like going 0/20, or selling all your items, or saying in chat that you're dying intentionally—it would be very abnormal for you to get a suspension regardless of what the Tribunal rules.

    Not everyone has access to the Tribunal... you need a level 30 account. There are no throwaway accounts there. And you can't pick and choose which cases to review. The idea that there's a network of punish-bot accounts to make sure that you get suspended is a bit absurd. And as noted in the email you received, cases are always reviewed by Riot staff before any serious punishments (like a suspension). The idea that you got suspended because you played Evelynn is way out there. Based on what you said about your Fallen Earth ban (and how you think it was unwarranted), I'd say it's a pretty good bet that you were harassing people because you felt they were trolling (or just terrible) and that's what you got reported for. Cussing someone out for dying isn't an appropriate response even if they are trolling... you're either hurting someone who's just doing bad at the game, or you're giving a troll exactly the attention that they crave. Just report them and move on.

    The only thing I can agree with is that they should show you specifically what you did that earned a suspension, such as the logs from the game where you got reported.

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