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Ultima Online: The Beginning



  • AmanaAmana New York, NYPosts: 3,912Moderator Uncommon
    Originally posted by KaitarBesh
    Well seems my posts keep getting deleted again - I give up. Others have said what I was thinking anyway.

    Whenever a post is edited in any way, we put in a [mod edit] for transparency.  As you see, your posts are there, just empty edits.

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  • taramirtaramir Ft Lewis, WAPosts: 74Member Common

    I played UO before Trammel and am bad at writing as well. Can I have a job?

  • KexinKexin San Diego, CAPosts: 69Member Uncommon

    All you fathers out there, please raise more gaming girls.

  • IshkalIshkal Schaumburg, ILPosts: 175Member Uncommon

    LOL right on Pokket. Any one that played an was a true player knows what shes talking about. *closes eyes* I remember my first solo run into Fel

  • Bl4ck3nDBl4ck3nD BrisbanePosts: 114Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by afropuff420
    Originally posted by Theocritus
         UO had some incredible features, but also had tow that completely ruined it for alot of us: FFA PVP and a terrible communtiy..........COmbine FFA PVP with a legion of ganking jerks and you have one terrible game regardless of what other features it offers......For many of us UO wasn't even playable until Trammell came along.

    I always get confused when reading things like that. Trammell actually defies what UO was supposed to be. It was supposed to be a world where when you walked out of town it wasn't safe. You had to be smart and use your brain. It wasn't supposed to be a carebear land where you can go wherever you want and nothing will hurt your poor innocent soul. It was a game of consequence, and if you didn't use your head, you would feel the wrath. Those who learned are those who thrived. 

    Then the developers heard the cries of the few who could not learn. They created your safe haven so you could run around and frolic in your invincible version of the world. It also destroyed every fun aspect the game had to offer. 

    You probably think I was some rampant pk'er. When in fact I was not. My clan and I would have amazing battles against the servers most notorious pks. Sometimes we would win, other times we wouldn't. It was amazing fun, but at least you got your way. 

    I never understood what all the whinging was about, avoiding danger and using your brain was half the fun. I used to laugh at the people crying about being corpse camped, why on earth were people carrying anything of any value out in the wild or why would they complain about the PKers in the cemetary outside most towns, it boggles the mind.

    I used to do a lot of crafting and rarely ran into any real drama, I also used to roleplay a highwayman and rob innocent travelers on the road, if I had to kill them I would always offer a res afterwards (after I looked through their gear and stole something of value of coarse) and I have so many great memories from that game. I lasted a few months after tram but the game lost it's edge for me sadly so I had to leave.

  • RamanadjinnRamanadjinn Huntsville, ALPosts: 1,365Member Uncommon

    this and the one about how to pickup women on the internet are all i've seen by Pokket so far.

    i enjoyed both though, keep up the entertaining stuffs please!

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