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Hyped about LO? a.k.a. Y u no say hi?!

comcicomcacomcicomca MersinPosts: 46Member

I was wondering how many ppl from are waiting for LO to come out?

I am very excited if I will be picked for alpha test or not.

Community seems very friendly and artwork of the game is so cute and cuddly.



  • BizkitNLBizkitNL NetherlandsPosts: 2,349Member Uncommon

    Never heard of it (untill now).

    Admitted, reading that it's "the spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online" makes me interested.

  • ReizlaReizla 3,879Member Uncommon

    Community might be friendly, artwork might be nice, but at the end, it's still an Aeria game. Each and every game they launched was just bad to the bone, and I doubt that this one won't make an exception...

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  • kimahriskimahris richmond, QCPosts: 55Member

    Been waiting on it for a long time actually. They failed on RO 2 and changing the name to lime odysey doesnt help them much. Main problem is the game will probably go out at the same time d3 does or even unless blizarrd screw d3 up ( the only company that never screw me up yet - not playing WOW and never did for more then a month but still thinks its a descent game/great success ) .. so i will most likely be playing that for a while,just like i did with d2. I will give it a try no matter what anyway...just hope they dont release too close to each other so i can fully appreciate both of them . Even tough i dont think LImeOdyssey will deliver a game close to the success RO had.

  • comcicomcacomcicomca MersinPosts: 46Member

    For your information Lime Odysssey is not a re-release of RO2. They are seperate games. The reason it caught attention is some of the developers who worked on Ragnarok and RO2 are with the game's dev team. Lime Odyssey is being developed (note that the game is in alpha stage in NA, cb in Korea) by Sirius Entertainment.

    LO Product Description:

    "Lime Odysset: the Chronicle of ORTA," which is been developed by an online game developer, Sirius Entertainment Co., Ltd, is a 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by 60 predominant core-developers of internationally popular Acturus, Ragnarok, and Ragnarok 2 projects with their most laborious works since 206. Lime odyssey's record and rich projects with their most laborious works since year 2006. Lime Odyssey's refined and rich graphic will not only be loved by male users who like fantasy games, but also will be loved by female users who prefer refined and sinsible graphic. Lime Odyssey supports not only fast and swift sense of blow through dynamic actions, but also supports Housing Grwoth System through housing, a residential space to display one's character.

    Sirius Entertainment Company Profile:

    Sirius Entertainment was established inFebruary 2006 by main developers in Ragnarok online.

    Sirius Entertainment is an excellent online game development company, and our company's goal become the top developer of online game in the world.

    Our capital is USD 2Millions, all employees are 67 persons and Sixty of them have participated in developent department of Lime odyssey.

    Our business philosophy is "confidence", "connection" and "co-prosperity" and our development philosophy is "Not first, But best"

  • aspekxaspekx Brandon, FLPosts: 2,167Member Uncommon

    im certainly interested. i had some experience with RO2 in its testing stages and loved it. looks like LO will be even more refined and a game to at least look into.

    however, its still a ways off.

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  • Salio69Salio69 under a rock, FLPosts: 428Member Common

    im looking forward to it as a former RO player. supposedly its what RO2 SHOULD have been like, but i'll see for myself when i get into the beta. only thing i dont like its that its run by aeria. very bad company. but will still give it a try anyways.

  • hybridchichybridchic Philadelphia, PAPosts: 20Member

    Originally posted by Salio69

    im looking forward to it as a former RO player. supposedly its what RO2 SHOULD have been like, but i'll see for myself when i get into the beta. only thing i dont like its that its run by aeria. very bad company. but will still give it a try anyways.

    Similarly, I'm sure it might be a good game but Aeria Games is a crap company in way of customer service and the fact that they support and encourage stalking and harassment of customers. The community volunteer program is a law suit waiting to happen and their ticket system is a joke.

    See what I mean.

  • DragonantisDragonantis DublinPosts: 974Member Uncommon

    I have been looking to get into an anime mmorpg at its beginning so im looking forward to this game :)

  • SlayraSlayra AlmadaPosts: 24Member Uncommon

    I was actually kinda interested in this game. Until i found that it has been shut down in Korea. Not a good omen to the west release.

  • KurushKurush Irvine, CAPosts: 1,303Member

    This game is good.  It's definitely a significant step up above Aeria's typical fare.  I personally don't think it's what you all have been hoping for.  Let me address a few areas of the game in brief, to give you an idea of how the game breaks down.

    Note: as a reference, when I refer to similar games or games of its class, I'm comparing this game to anime-styled 3D F2P MMORPG's from Korea.

    Leveling: Probably the first difference that will strike you is that this game, unlike most F2P Korean MMO's, really has a quest-based level system, and I'm not talking about grinding repeatable quests.  Assuming you do all of the side quests, you won't ever need to grind to reach the next set of quests.  Not only that, but the level curve is actually quite gradual.  It's comparable to most mainstream Western MMO's in that regard.  The quests themselves aren't that bad.  They're again more typical of standard Western MMO quests, as in the kill/gather amounts are usually 10 or under, as opposed to the dozens or hundreds that many Korean grinder games have in their quests.  That said, they're nothing you haven't seen before.  Some quests are nice.  Many quests are pretty much dumb fetch/kill/gather quests with the usual transparent justification MMO's throw at you.  If you're really tired of Western MMO quest grind, the questing in this game will bore you equally.  Overall, though, the leveling system is a big step up from most similar games.

    Class system: The game has a supposed "dual-class" system.  In reality?  It just means you pick a combat (your real class) and single crafting (profession) class.  The main difference is that your crafting profession levels a bit like a regular class.  In addition to gaining "trade XP" from crafting, some quests will give a mix of combat and trade XP or even only trade XP (you will gain a large chunk of your profession levels from questing).  The actual classes themselves are fun but nothing particularly new.  4 classes.  2 skill trees each which are about what you'd expect in terms of focus, with essentially all of your skills coming from the trees (no real "innate" skills).  Both your crafting and combat classes can undergo branching job changes, which is nice, and your crafting specialization is quite meaningful (as opposed to being fluff as in some games).

    Crafting: Probably one of the brightest points of this game.  Crafting is very viable as a sole source of gear, and it's balanced quite well to neither make good gear unobtainable or too easy to get.  There are also some novel features regarding crafting, like the ability to "raise" animals for resources in farm areas, though this is far less interesting than it sounds (more like a minigame than a persistent system) in practice.  Still, I'd say the crafting in this game vastly outclasses most games of its type.

    Environment: I rather like the world.  The topography is interesting.  Certainly more thought was put into it than some of the idiotic endless-flatlands you've seen before in the genre.  There are parts of this game that sorta match the previous description, but even though they're quite flat (they're supposed to be plains), they have a little bit of flavor.  As a whole, the game's world design has a few brilliant moments, a handful of dull moments, and the remaining majority is serviceable, which is about the most you can hope for in a MMORPG.

    Story: The story is somewhat interesting.  You are one of a handful of adventurers who, for reasons appropriate to your race, sets out to search out a mythical source of power which has supposedly returned to the world (Lime).  That itself is a bit uninspired.  What's more notable is how this game tends to be a bit more methodical in how it handles the story.  Most similar games start out by telling you about an overarching story which becomes irrelevant once you've set foot in the game itself.  This game, on the other hand, actually moves you through a story which makes sense (as opposed to the random gibberish of many F2P Korean grinders), and it slowly reveals details about the greater storyline.  This game doesn't throw any gripping narrative elements at you by far, but there has at least been some level of attention placed on story, as oppposed to it being a throwaway element.

    Community: The game is still in testing, so it's hard to say how the community will be at launch, but so far, I'd say it's good.  Certainly a lot more cooperation happens here than most similar games.

    Localization: Solid.  It's not the Grapes of Wrath, but it never feels like a cheap import.  The translation really does feel like a professional job instead of the cheap crap I've very often seen among this type of game.

    Overall: Is this game as exceptional as RO was when it was new?  Certainly not.  Is it good?  Certainly.  I would say it's among the higher-quality F2P Korean games to be released in the West.  There are flaws, some of them notable.  There are a few graphical quirks that will annoy you, especially if you play certain races.  Also, while there are some new features which you haven't seen before, the core systems are far from boldly innovative.  Much of it is really standard fare.  But it all works, and it comes together to form a nice, unified package.  This game is not anything amazingly ground-breaking or awe-inspiring, but if you want is a nice game of its type to play, I think it's a solid choice.  Simple verdict?  If the average F2P Korean MMORPG is a C, this game is a B+, and it's much friendlier to Western grind tastes than almost any game in its class.

  • darkhalf357xdarkhalf357x Brooklyn, NYPosts: 1,186Member Uncommon

    Never played Ragnarok online, but definitely looking forward to Lime Odyssey.  OnRPG has some really good recent news on the title which is going Closed Beta fairly soon.  They even include a video covering the combat which looks refreshing.

    I'm currently playing another Aeria title, Eden Eternal and love it, and can tell you most of us there are eagerly awaiting to jump into LO so I believe the community will be big, nice, and fun just like in EE.  Hope they can figure out how to get rid of the Gold Spammers but thats a minor point.

    From what I've seen of LO it looks like *exactly* what I want to play. Huge world.  Focus on EXPLORATION, No auto routing (though think I will miss this feature :-), player economy, ability to go underwater (finally), no (or less) invisible walls, stronger story elements, race starting areas, and eventual guilds, housing, and best of all FREE.

    Signed up for the BETA and cannot wait!

  • FrostWyrmFrostWyrm Tempe, AZPosts: 1,036Member

    Originally posted by Salio69

    im looking forward to it as a former RO player. supposedly its what RO2 SHOULD have been like, but i'll see for myself when i get into the beta. only thing i dont like its that its run by aeria. very bad company. but will still give it a try anyways.

    I've played RO, but never RO2.

    I'm assuming from people's reactions that RO2 was not very well received. What was so bad about it? What makes LO so much better?


  • KurushKurush Irvine, CAPosts: 1,303Member

    Originally posted by FrostWyrm

    Originally posted by Salio69

    im looking forward to it as a former RO player. supposedly its what RO2 SHOULD have been like, but i'll see for myself when i get into the beta. only thing i dont like its that its run by aeria. very bad company. but will still give it a try anyways.

    I've played RO, but never RO2.

    I'm assuming from people's reactions that RO2 was not very well received. What was so bad about it? What makes LO so much better?


    I feel like I really need to stop people here.  There's a narrative that people seem to be running away with which, frankly, is a bit misleading.  Yes, the studio developing LO does have several key developers from RO, but far from all of them.  The bulk of the people who made RO a reality are still working on RO2.  IMO, this game is NOT the spiritual successor to RO.  There are a few common themes between the two, and you're surely find a few of them reassuringly familiar, but there's a totally different feel to the two titles.  You are opening yourself up to a world of disappointment if you enter into the game looking specifically for the next RO.

    Don't get me wrong.  I like this game a lot.  I think it plays really well, despite some of the shortcomings I see.  And I think most of you will feel the same way.  But you will only fully appreciate LO's strengths if you enter into it with open eyes and open expectations.

    Let me try to speak specifically to your question RO and RO2.  I played RO a lot.  I also played RO2 a decent amount.  RO2 was not a terrible game.  It had a lot of interesting features which actually worked decently.  In fact, if RO2 had been released as a F2P game in NA, it frankly would have stood head-and-shoulders above a lot of the mediocre imports we get.

    But it wasn't a NA F2P game.  It was P2P and in Korea, no less.  South Korea has far superior broadband penetration and a far higher degree of market saturation re: MMO's.  We get five year-old imports of their most mediocre titles, so some people think of MMO market as rather primitive, but in reality, South Korean gamers are rather selective, and they are notoriously fickle.  You've probably seen from population charts how NA AAA titles can lose 75-90% of their initial peak subs during their first six months of life if they get a bad rep aat launch.  For MMO's in South Korea, that's closer to 95-99%.  And we know that because the Korean market keeps much, much more accurate stats than we do.

    So RO2 wasn't bad.  But it was mediocre in so many ways.  Too many invisible walls.  Enemy design that looked cute in RO translated poorly in their initial 3D monster design.  Mediocre skills.  After the initial starting tutorial, you got dumped in probably the most generic, least inspiring hunting ground I've ever seen in a MMORPG.  It played like generic bullshit F2P grinder #144512, not the successor to one of the most popular and internationally-known Korean MMORPG IP's.

    So Gravity looked at what they had, then looked at the reaction they got from their core audience in Korea, and simply decided to go back to the drawing board, redesigning the game from the ground up.  RO2 is still in the pipe.  In fact, what I'm going to call RO2-2 is now pretty much feature complete, and I believe it's back in beta testing.  I haven't had a chance to play RO2-2, so I won't comment on it, but I'm betting (idle guess here) that it should be decently good.

    Is LO better than RO2 was?  Yes, certainly.  But most anything you're playing now, if you have discriminating tastes at all, is better than RO2 was.

  • CastillleCastillle KhobarPosts: 2,676Member Uncommon
    Wow idk how i missed this o.o its been in my sig since forever lol.

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  • MMOarQQMMOarQQ BoogalululuPosts: 636Member

    Aeria Games... Get ready for ridiculous cash shop pimping (full casino scheme).

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