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This is the best MMO to come out since WoW



  • raistlinmraistlinm new orleans, LAPosts: 673Member
    Originally posted by Loke666
    TOR is a good CORPG and singleplayer game but it is a lousy MMO. What makes a game a MMO is social stuff and cooperation but TOR is made like a singleplayer game. Sadly for TOR is the social stuff what keeps people subbing for a long time.

    While there is a slight ring of truth in your statement I feel like for the first time since SWG that I have been playing a game that is more fun for me when I group and I have found myself grouping more and more in the game since then and i am an extremely satisfied solo player and spent much of the first few months soloing in TOR but after the population boom of the transfers I have spent ninety perent of my gaming time in groups tackling group content much of which I hadn't even seen until the last few weeks.

    I don't know what it means to be made "like a single player game" because most of what I've done in every mmorpg I've ever played I can do in TOR as well and when comparing it to SWG I can do more so not sure.

    I think the only reason I may see some logic in what you said was because I always played on a low pop server before so it was easy to not think about trying different things because there weren't often many people looking to do anything otherwise this game has been a blast and in comparing it to my initial experience with every other mmorpg I've played from launch it measures up quite well.

    For those of you who don't like it why even waste time responding to the op  just because you don't like the game or even the majority of people to have played it and post about it doesn't mean he/we can't think it's awesome and there is certainly no reason why he can't state his opinion many of you don't have a single problem as long as the point being made is in line with your opinion and why do we need 10k negative posts that all say the same thing while not being able to have one or two where people express pleasure with the game?

    Honestly for those who don't like the game (not you loke666 because I doubt that is even your assertion) i am almost certain there is something you lke right around the corner and the forums for said game are <------- way.

    One thing for the op though is they are not going to ever see anything close to 10 million subs if they don't fix the pvp if wow has shown us anything it's that if you want numbers close to that you need to have a solid pvp system which TOR at present does not.

  • madjonNZmadjonNZ AucklandPosts: 143Member

    OP - after 10 hours I thought it was a good game too.


    Give it 3 weeks.....


  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    Originally posted by Revanchist42
    Edit:  this is a lot longer than i realised so just read the 1-2-3-4 part unless you like reading a lot more than I   huge star wars fanboi here.  flame all you want, my first mmo was wow, played a bunch for a few months off and on each (AoC, RIFT, WAR main ones, bunch of others, bunch of FtPs), mainly play wow.  I was waiting for swtor for years.  It came out and I was amazed...then i hit level 10 and joined a queue for a warzone and eagerly waitied to test my favorite aspect of mmos, the pvp.........and waited..........and waited.........and waited a 'lil more....and finally the queue popped.  I get in.  i wait for it to start, and search hungrily for my first victim...and as soon as i press one button my fps crashes through the floor.  as in, never more than 15 fps at the most.  To prevent a super long post ill condense it: what pvp didnt lag was at least wows quality(and pvp in mmos nowadays all seems the same really except wows plays smoother), possilby better due to tanks in pvp and - my favorite....the ability to make your own spec through hybrids and such, and that you arent a "n00b" if you dont do this or that(i suppose thats just cus its a new game and all but still.  the game is wows quality, likely better imo except for a few critical things:   1: cross server pvp queues(coming in next patch) 2: better dungeon lfg system.  this can be gotten around with old fashioned lfg spam and guilds but its still a bit of a hassle 3: end game content.  this is entirely because of it being a brand new game.  wow was the same as well as rift and all the others ive ever heard of, so it will improve with time **4**: this one is the real killer for me...they tried to hard with the graphics and animations.  the animations make it feel sluggish because they take precedence over the abilities.  ex: i use instant melee x.  when its gcd finishes i see that i just parried an attack and can use my count, instant melee y.  however, when i hit y, it triggers the gcd but no damage happens because x animation was still going on.  supposedly they fixed this but my friends who still play disagree.  also, since they made everything so fancy wit hthe animations and graphics and some unfinished engine it kills systems that arent the highest end.  this is my main problem...i cant pvp without spending $500+ on upgrading my system that runs anything else on low-medium even in pvp just fine.  i even spent the 200 for a great graphics card as mine was really out of date but above min and i still cant do sh!t in pvp.   i really didnt realise how long this rant was sorry!

    wow quality is not a recommendation for PVP.  Wow has below average PVP, not as bad as say Rift, but still pretty bad PVP compared to many mmoss. For what its worth I thought SWTOR had better PVP than WOW, just not enough of it, and too shoved away and marginalised.

  • DestaiDestai Detroit, MIPosts: 574Member
    Originally posted by botrytis
    Originally posted by Destai
    I am going to risk agreeing with the OP here. From what I have played of it, it is quite polished. I compare it to games like AoC, Rift, LoTRO and the others released in the last few years. In light of those games, it really is the best since WoW. SWTOR had the decency to release with a good UI, I found the combat to be enjoyable and intuitive, and the story was incredibly well done. I think where SWTOR failed was not the gaming experience but its business model. There is not enough content to warrant a monthly fee, it should have been buy to play. Because of this, people beat the game and then left, having no reason to keep subscriptions. Of course the game can add more endgame content and I am sure they will.

    Did you play at release or after multitude of patches? It certainly WAS NOT polished at release. This was a game that should of used the rule 'When it's done' for release but they rushed it and it was a polished turd.

    To the OP - don't need to have WoW there - it was awlful at release too. Maybe you should have said.

    'This game had the exact same type of release as WoW had'  a more exact statement.

    I played the trial before 1.2 and I am now playing it. Compared to the other games I have mentioned, this is a pretty solid. It's not perfect but it has potential and I feel it's pretty good for a freshly hatched game. I'm patient with some games and will wait to see them grow. I was that  way with LoTRO and WoW. WoW's success needn't be reiterated and LoTRO was quite fun until the f2p implementation. But with titles with unfamiliar IP - I won't waste my time if it isn't polished.

  • svarteryttarsvarteryttar StockholmPosts: 36Member
    Ive played it for half a year and its still fun. Only played one char to 50 but then again i only play around 15 hrs a week, am gm, raidleader lots of time is given to having full gear for multiple trinity roles as well as war hero set for pvp, ranked warzones etc etc so lots of stuff. I can see why people dont like swtor much like they dont like any mmo at all realy. There isnt less to do in swtor then in any other mmo.
    Stick with the game if you think its fun. Gl and have fun.

    Played WoW for 3 years on Runetotem (chars: Ariman and Redsonja)
    Played AoC for 2 years on Crom (char: Kallisto) and Fury (char: Siratsia)
    Playing SWTOR on Tomb of Freedon Nadd

  • busdriverbusdriver nyPosts: 859Member
    Originally posted by Isasis
     I even tried EVE, but the community was horrible compared to WoW's community.  


  • XPraetorianXXPraetorianX Sacrmento, CAPosts: 107Member Common

    Its a fun game for a month if you dont play it to hardcore. The story is great and the Flashpoints are fun. However once you hit max level it goes down hill real fast. My guild destroyed the raid content so fast. The hardest part about the raids early on was the bugs lol. Almost wish the devs did not fix them j/k cause once they did the game got easy real fast even on the hardest settings.

  • ohiokidohiokid Stow, OHPosts: 9Member
    Originally posted by Isasis
    WoW was my first MMO and only one I ever actually played. I tried a lot of others but they all sucked compared to WoW. I even tried EVE, but the community was horrible compared to WoW's community.   I avoided playing SWTOR because of all the hate it gets, but yesterday I bought it and played all day. And wow! This just overtook WoW for me. The world (on origin world, and it only gets bigger) is huge. Graphics are top notch, in terms of art style and the customization for characters is amazing. But what really stands this MMO apart from the others is the amazing voice acting. It is better than Tortage in AoC, the only good part of that MMO. I just love going through this huge story that other MMOs just don't have.   I mentioned graphics, which are amazing and some of the best of any MMO. But the animations and cut scenes really make it. I've played SWTOR for about 10 hours now and having the most fun I've had in an MMO. My guy is a Sith Sorceror and its amazing going pewpewpew.   Also, the community is actually better than WoW's, which a lot of MMOs fail in that regard. There are people all over the place going about their business, chat isn't full of trolls complaining about WoW and getting groups is incredibly easy. This is probably a better grouping game than WoW, which already was good for groups.   Anyway I'll end this year as I know a lot are like "tldr" to sum it up: Best MMO since WoW, maybe the best MMO ever and everything about SWTOR is amazing. Never have I been so into a story in a game, MMO or not. Will definitely easily have 10 million subscribers or more if they keep coming out with updates.

    I can save you the trouble. Start playing another game now. This game starts off good, from that point on it is straight down hill. The longer you play it the worse the game gets. If you like PVP leave now. You will be very disapointed. PVP is Really boring. I came to this game from LOTRO with 7 others. 2 of us left. Joined with another group from LOTRO we knew. Most of them then left for diablo. WE are all going to meet up again in GW2. The people running this game are Clueless. They just merged servers and started free to play for those under lvl 15. The server lag on our server makes the game very hard to play now. I was doing just fine on my old server with no lag. Totally Clueless.


  • TorgrimTorgrim GothenburgPosts: 2,088Member

    Best graphics ever seen in a mmo?

    Excellent VA?

    Best game ever?

    No, this guy is trolling hard.

    If it's not broken, you are not innovating.

  • TorgrimTorgrim GothenburgPosts: 2,088Member
    Originally posted by hikaru77
    Originally posted by Loke666
    TOR is a good CORPG and singleplayer game but it is a lousy MMO. What makes a game a MMO is social stuff and cooperation but TOR is made like a singleplayer game. Sadly for TOR is the social stuff what keeps people subbing for a long time.

    Talking about TOR as a CORPG show us your complete ignorance. So, is pretty much pointless to argue with you.  

    About the OP, swtor is a new MMO, is still growing, but with all the content updates, the new level cap and Planet and the ¨space combat secret proyect¨ (is not the new space mission from the E3 video) that they have planned for the rest of the year, the game could be just huge. By the end of the year, the haters gonna need to eat their own words, once again, like they did all this year since swtor launch. 


    The memo about shutting down 70% of the servers didn't got thrue to you i guess?

    So this is not about haters gonna hate its about a crappy made MMO that a lot of people don't wanna be part off anymore  hence the massive server merges and dead servers.

    If it's not broken, you are not innovating.

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