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group based, instanced quests, PvE

inconel1370inconel1370 Boston, MAPosts: 1Member

Hi everyone,

My friends and I just wrapped up two years playing Dungeons and Dragons Online, which we had a lot of fun with, but we're in the market for a new game. Here's what we would like.

While it is possible to solo in DDO if you're good, it's really designed around groups (max 6) which is what we want.  One example that shows how group friendly DDO is; when someone in the party completes a quest objective, the whole party gets credit for that objective. We would like our next game to be as close to this as possible. We tried (and are still trying) Age of Conan, but we're not fans of the non-instanced quests. It's also a bit too solo-friendly, so with five of us in a party we destroy any quest that isn't many levels above us, and we're only casual players. We really enjoy detailed building of our characters, being able to choose stat numbers, feats, paths and such. AoC has some of that, but it's about the least we could accept.

There are other things that we would like, but that's the big stuff, the stuff we complain about when we play AoC. Thanks for your help.



  • Benn289Benn289 Daggett, CAPosts: 25Member

    Just to let you know, you are going to have a hard time finding an mmo that isnt solo friendly and is heavily based on grouping. Especially instanced, as far as i know there are tons of instanced games you can group in. Most of which you can solo. DDO is the only one that i know that fits the criteria and it seems you have it all played out. I can suggest a game that is tough to level up in based on what people have told me. It also requires grouping but, its not instanced and only certain aspects of the game are free. 

    When you say you're in the market for a new game are you saying you are looking to buy? or is it merely a figure of speech? because if you try out the free to play version of EverQuest1 and like it you can pay for premium features in different ways. Such as buying classes,race and w/e else for a one time payment or you could pay six something a month for more or the full 15 a month for the complete game. there could be a game that fits your description other than this game. Even though it isnt instanced...its said to be one of the best mmos for grouping and having a challenging pve experience in many cases. 

    im also looking for a cool heavily based pve grouping game without a solo friendly feel. I would try what i recommended but for me the tutorial for the game was terrible, i quit after less than five minutes. i had to type a sentence to a npc after clicking on him to start a quest and im lazy so it turned me off lmao. I hope your search goes well post back here if you find anything cool.

  • BanquettoBanquetto CityPosts: 1,037Member Uncommon

    How about Vindictus? I haven't played it myself since I'm an Australian and thus not welcome, but as I understand it, it's an explicitly instanced, lobby-style, group PvE game?

  • thamighty213thamighty213 NewcastlePosts: 1,622Member Uncommon

    Originally posted by Banquetto

    How about Vindictus? I haven't played it myself since I'm an Australian and thus not welcome, but as I understand it, it's an explicitly instanced, lobby-style, group PvE game?

    Vindictus is indeed a good shout,  as you say its a group based instanced dungeon PVE game looks glorious and plays well.


    If it had more options of customisation and an actual character then I would play it persistently unfortunately your playing someone else rather than your own avatar as such so I never quite connected with it unfortunately.

  • AllymishkaAllymishka SydneyPosts: 11Member Uncommon

    I have been looking for a similar sort of thing, recently played Vanguard SoH free trial and the group dynamics of that game look awesome, bugs fixed and game working very well! Its like oldschool EQ before they tried to make everything easy so it requires some skillful grouping and a need to understand your class and role.  The population is on the rise which is good! Its all open areas, No instances but alot of questing with shared xp and rewards, the spawn times are fast so if the mob you want is being taken the spawn time means you will get a shot at it fairly quickly anyways!  Great classes doing their own unique jobs, Bards with an interesting ability to compose songs, enchanters working as crowd controllers, 4 diverse types of healers, unique mele DPS classes, Necro with ability to have multiple pets, Tanks with group tactic abilitys and ability to change stance for DPS roles!  I really thought they nailed the MMORPG for people wanting some group play that required the players to pay attention instead of everyone just attacking as much as possible!  2 Thumbs up from an old school EQ player!  TRY IT its free and only a 1gb game download to get started!!  Telon server seems to be the way to go for best population

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