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Please Place All Smite Key Requests and Offers Here



  • alex_2010alex_2010 BucharestMember Posts: 3

    As promised a few days earlier, here is a  key for the game :D




    I'd like to get a PM from the one who got this code. Also, please post back at least one of the keys you'll get after activation so that others will also have a chance at this game, like I did :)


    See ya ingame :)


    P.S: for those interested in a game partner, my username is AlexKalle ;)


    edit: activated, have fun. Remember to post back at least one of the keys you will receive :3

  • kertinkertin StrazniceMember Posts: 98 Uncommon

    I have 2x smite keys and I ll trade it for firefall beta key or GW 2 beta

  • hejzetyhejzety , ALMember Posts: 1

    Got key for Firefall not for GW2. If you want it just send smite key. Fair trade

  • TzykiraTzykira EekloMember Posts: 13

    Hey, if anyone have a spare key for the beta, i would love to get my hands on one.


    But at a side note, i got no beta-keys from other games to offer ;x

  • krystal19krystal19 Rumford, MEMember Posts: 4

    Looking for a Beta key please. My dad tried to purchase it with paypal but it wouldnt let him buy it. Please Pm me with a Beta key please.

  • Willy81Willy81 CMember Posts: 1

    I have several keys for smite and I was just looking to grab another games keys like firefall, dota 2 or some skins on LoL EUW server

  • poteacapoteaca BucharestMember Posts: 3

    Hey guys i'd really love to try this game out,after playing LoL for 2 years i am really curious about this game

  • macromastiamacromastia Christiana, TNMember Posts: 23 Uncommon

    Still in need of a key and had the worst luck with catching you guys giving them out (not to mention the site give aways). I work over 60hrs a week in a kitchen and my weird hours are proving to put salt in my smite game :(

    feel free to pm me with one lol.

  • marzmonkeymarzmonkey San, CAMember Posts: 1

    I would love a key as well!

  • FirebarrageFirebarrage Sequim, WAMember Posts: 1

    I would appreciate receveing a key. I will return the 2 keys I get but I want to try this game out.

  • CROeLfiCROeLfi RijekaMember Posts: 1

    Someon pls give me the beta key I would love so much to try this game out will give back the 2 beta keys i promise !

  • IlleilleIlleille stockholmMember Posts: 5 Uncommon

    I want to try this game out so i would really appreciate it if i got a key from someone, i will give the 2 keys i get to people in this post.

  • ZwypeGamingZwypeGaming InsjönMember Posts: 1

    There is a guy on facebook that is doing daily giveaways with theese codes, if you are lucky you might get one :)

    No surveys or anything.

    // Zwype

  • skidx25skidx25 DohaMember Posts: 2

    All my friends are playing this game now and I'm the only one who isn't playing yet! I REALLY need a key please!

    Thanks in Advance! :D

  • stayrinossstayrinoss Athens, MNMember Posts: 5

    trading my last smite beta key for a dota 2 key post here !!!

  • ThraliaThralia EngerMember Posts: 219

    i would love a smite key aswell :)


    ty in advance




    i have my key..ty ty ty !!

  • alp22322alp22322 loltownMember Posts: 4

    i trade my smite key for a dota 2 key/ invite :)

  • TzykiraTzykira EekloMember Posts: 13

    If someon had a spare key i would kill to get one!

  • MasterStyleMasterStyle sdadsadsaMember Posts: 2

    The first who pms me will get a key :)

  • skidx25skidx25 DohaMember Posts: 2
    I really want one! Can someone pm me a key please :)
  • GurgleGurgle muhosMember Posts: 14 Uncommon

    I have 2 Smite invites, looking for Planetside 2 invite myself.

  • IrkzakIrkzak SMember Posts: 11
    Originally posted by Gurgle
    I have 2 Smite invites, looking for Planetside 2 invite myself.

    If you dont get your planetside 2 key, could you give me one of those keys? PM-me please ;)

  • NerphNerph copenhagenMember Posts: 69 Uncommon

    If someone has a spare key they feel like PM'ing me id very much appriciate it

  • NatttasNatttas Behind you, VAMember Posts: 49

    I would like a key if anyone has a spare one please, thank you!

  • bumd197bumd197 asdfasdfasdMember Posts: 1

    Hey, anyone can spare me a beta key ?


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