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Anyone freezing during install

JaffieJaffie Detroit, MIPosts: 20Member

Hello and thank in advance for any help.


I'm installing the digital version and my computer keeps freezing during the install process. It's a relatively new machine (don't have the specs, I'm at work)

The whole computer  just freezes after about 10 minutes of installation. I have to restart and start again. It picks up where it left off but then freezes again. 4-5 times so far.


Any thoughts?




  • AxeionAxeion carter, KYPosts: 424Member Uncommon

    i get to the 4th part of install an it blue screens me ! stop error 0x000000D1

    i can dl stuff from other games etc np. not a happy camper atm.

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  • RightlovRightlov København KPosts: 72Member

    Contact Funcom's live chat support, they've been very effective and professional in my cases.

  • JaffieJaffie Detroit, MIPosts: 20Member

    I'll give that a shot. Thanks for the info.



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