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[Band of Brothers] Mature Adults Only

Ahlora1974Ahlora1974 Leland, ILPosts: 6Member




We don’t have a lengthy questionnaire to fill out, or a requirement that you play a certain number of hours a week. Nor do we require you to spec your character a certain way or conform to any number of other rules. Play what you enjoy.

What we are looking for are like-minded people with whom we can experience this game with. We want you to be a fit and if you join us, it will be a chance for you and us to determine if that’s the case. Most of our applicants have joined and play with us today. A few have not worked out; such is life.

We can use salty language. We enjoy busting on each other to a certain extent although it is all in good fun. We tend to learn the game we are playing and share that knowledge with each other. So while we are not necessarily statisticians, we are good , experienced, thoughtful, players. We learn our classes together and help each other grow in a game together. As such, we are open to criticism and learn from each other; all in a focus to play the game and have fun. Fun trumps everything else. Fun is why you play a game - right?

Guild Wars 2 promises to be an engaging MMO. Dynamic events that challenge the standard of how quests are currently done in MMO’s, Dungeons, and an intriguing World vs World pvp combat system each offer a unique experience from which you can choose how you want to participate. If you are looking for some people with whom to experience this game, we may be a fit and we would love to welcome you to the brotherhood.

Check us out at . You can apply for forum membership at the top of the page. We also run a public Mumble server if you want to jump in and chat with us. Instructions are on our forums after we grant access.

Guild Name: Band of Brothers
Guild Age: 6 Months but majority of the guys have been playing together LONG before that.
Member Count: Little over 150. Our Guild plays several games. We like to stay close no matter what games we play.





  • DaedranDaedran Oklahoma City, OKPosts: 2Member

    I have played with this group in several games now. Great personalities, excellent voice comms, and all the right stuff that makes online gaming fun. Whether you're a casual or hardcore player, we offer something for everyone! Hope to see you in game soon!

  • wardoxywardoxy BrgPosts: 81Member Uncommon

    Hmm "Mature Adults Having A Blast" it sounds... weird! Had to say it.

  • DaedranDaedran Oklahoma City, OKPosts: 2Member
    Originally posted by wardoxy
    Hmm "Mature Adults Having A Blast" it sounds... weird! Had to say it.

    Some of our members are a bit quirky :) Ahlora is female, so I'll blame her girlish tendancies. If you can't poke fun at yourself, whats the point? :)

  • Ahlora1974Ahlora1974 Leland, ILPosts: 6Member

    Aye.. I am girly! ROFL

  • Alsi_FettAlsi_Fett maronePosts: 3Member

    You guys were in EvE online ? ;)

    Good luck with the guild  Btw looking forward to you

  • VodranVodran asdf, LAPosts: 1Member
    Originally posted by Alsi_Fett
    You guys were in EvE online ? ;) Good luck with the guild  Btw looking forward to you

    Hey Alsi_Fett, 

    This guild perticular Band of Brothers was created in SWTOR.  So we are not the one that was playing in EVE online.  When the guild being setup we didn't even know that a guild with the same name was playing any other game.  However since the name really fit with the members of the guild we have kept the name.

    So I would love to invite anyone to jump on our mumble and give us a shot.  You never know we just might be the guild that you were looking for.


  • Ahlora1974Ahlora1974 Leland, ILPosts: 6Member


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