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Now on Steam

MMOGamer71MMOGamer71 Pittsburgh, PAPosts: 1,930Member Uncommon



Was added to Steam for those that use the service.



  • w0wlolw0wlol BelgiumPosts: 3Member

    Can't seem to find it, maybe its because i live in Europe, but then again, does Steam makes the difference depending on where you live ?

  • BanquettoBanquetto CityPosts: 1,037Member Uncommon

    Yes, Steam will serve up different search results according to region. e.g., I'm in Australia, if I search for "Vindictus" I get zero results (since it has never been available in Australia and probably never will be); if I follow a direct link to the game on the Steam store, I get a "This item is currently unavailable in your region" message.

    The direct link, btw, is apparently:

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