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Looking for EU/UK GW2 guild for PvE fun and WvW mayhem

stragen001stragen001 ReadingPosts: 1,720Member Uncommon

Hey folks,

Im looking for a casual UK/EU English speaking guild to join for some WvW fun in the upcoming BWE and through to launch and beyond

The guild I am looking for should be casual and friendly without rules that members MUST do x amount of y etc. Im looking for fun, lively chatty people to play with and have fun. The type of guild where people are more than happy to come and help someone stuck on a certain Quest/DE/Dungeon etc as i would be more than happy to do the same. 

Im looking for people to play through PvE content with, and to cause havoc in WvW with and mostly to have a laugh. Im not big into structured PvP but Im always up for some fun(I used to do Alliance Battles in GW1 all the time, that kinda thing)

I find playing with guildmates really enriches the experience, and I expect this to be especially true in WvW

My Playtime are/will be Evenings 7pm->Midnight Weekdays and Weekend Afternoons and Evenings. I normally play a couple of hours per night weekdays and I can spend all day online at weekends ;)

Hopefully there is a likeminded guild out there for me :) Any suggestions?

Cluck Cluck, Gibber Gibber, My Old Mans A Mushroom


  • irishinvaderirishinvader LeedsPosts: 20Member

    Hi Stragen, our guild fits into all of your criteria, and so I would be happy for you to fight with us in GW2 :)

    Okay.. So heres a little about us! This is our advertisment which we post to make sure that people apply that fit in with the guild :)


    The Elites are a group based in Europe Specializing in WvW and dominating the SPvP aspect of Guild Wars 2 while maintaining the PvE spectrum strong for are hardcore enthusiasts. In the past weeks we have accomplished many challenges together with our casual members improving and our experts teaching them skills. Overall we our a small talented community with competitive spirits hoping to beat all our rivals and become the Best.
    As I said WvW is the key area of our guild and we have proved ourselves everyday and over the course of the stress test yesterday. We made a point to the other guilds that our EU server (Gandara) is not to be messed with. 
    We welcome you and all your friends to The Elites in the hoping that one day this guild will rise to be the greatest guilds in Guild Wars 2.
    Now here's the good part!
    -We never ever ever! Leave members out, you are always our main priority! 100%!
     -Free membership, No fees, No donations, Nothing!
     -Weapon locations, skill secrets, tips and tricks you would have never imagined!
     -Tactics, Strategies. We listen to you! Do you have an idea? Share it with the Community!
    -Strong PvE membership with instant teaching from senior members and unique forums for this section of the guild
    -We promote the Loyal and Committed in this guild, life is tough but if you are determined we can help you as much as you help us
    -We have a scheme to Reward people who FIGHT FOR US. Yes, freebies. Everybody loves them huh!
    -And last but not least are truly amazing communication server 'MUMBLE' given to us by 'Enjin' who gave us a dedicated website we call base.

    Join us now and have fun with us. We welcome you with open arms.

  • irishinvaderirishinvader LeedsPosts: 20Member

    Here is our website: EDIT:

    ..or you can contact me or other leaders at our website including Butsu and Parlourbeatflex. XD


    Check out


    For more info! :)

  • stragen001stragen001 ReadingPosts: 1,720Member Uncommon
    Sadly that website doesn't seem to work...

    Cluck Cluck, Gibber Gibber, My Old Mans A Mushroom

  • irishinvaderirishinvader LeedsPosts: 20Member

    So sorry! its

    Im from the uk so always put uk at the end! Sorry! 

  • Blitz-RtRBlitz-RtR AscalonPosts: 6Member

    Hey there!

    Not sure if this is too late but you have mentioned some key words (casual, fun for example) that suggest that you might be a match for us...

    We are a GW guild of the last seven years looking to continue in GW2 and we are focused on fun and helping our community whilst enjoying all aspects of the game, including WvW and some sPvP too. We run our own website, forums and dedicated mumble server (rather than relying on companies who want to charge you money for their service) .

    The very fact that you have Mr. Flibble along means you should check us out although we do tend to feed our trail members on sprouts for almost every meal... no I tell a lie... it is every meal.


    Come and check out our website at or jump straight to the forums at

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