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80% of Tera EU players rate Frogster below 3/10

GreyhooffGreyhooff New York, NYPosts: 654Member


View Poll Results: RATE how EU TERA is handled

290. You may not vote on this poll
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Thread: RATE this



  • AmbrosiaAmorAmbrosiaAmor Miami, FLPosts: 915Member
    Yeah no surprise there that almost everyone would rate the company a 1 or a 2 out of a 10 point scale. I remember when Scapes announced on the "old" official forums that E.U. was going with Frogster... about 65 pages of rage and QQ ensued, and with good reason. Hopefully EME can make the transition before year’s end.


  • TerronteTerronte Cedar Rapids, IAPosts: 321Member

    I read some of the the thread, En Masse has had the same issues, I'm guessing it's the game.

    And so what if Frogster sucks? If you want to play the game with a decent ping, that's your only choice.

  • otacuotacu BolzanoPosts: 547Member Uncommon

    The game itself has many issues (it's almost dead in Korea with only 4 servers) but Frogster is helping Tera's debacle...

  • eHugeHug HamburgPosts: 253Member Uncommon

    Let's look at the claims.

    As you can see when you scroll the image to show the hidden infos it were just 290 People that took the survey. Is 290 people the Tera EU population? Surely not. Makes you wonder why the OP claimed it was.

    But there's another question. Is it really 290 Tera EU players? Let's see where the poll was helt. Oh right, the retail forum, which has no restrictions on registration or even subscriptions, everybody can register and post. It gets trolled hard by ex players, Gw2 fanboys and other haters.  So most likely it's not even 290 *players* but far less.

    A perfect example of a survey that doesn't mean crap IMHO.


    Eat more fish!

  • Alka_SetzerAlka_Setzer Posts: 164Member Uncommon

    Just like the poster above said, the poll is absolutely garbage and means nothing.

    It's a perfect example of a poor way to take a poll. Political parties and news shows pull this same kind of crap all the time. They make numbers look bigger and more meaningful than they are because they omit important information like how many people actually participated or how the participants were selected, etc...

    I have no doubt Frogster isn't popular with a lot of its users, but it doesn't make the poll any more reliable.

  • ArthasmArthasm LoznicaPosts: 780Member Uncommon

    Yeah, right. GW2 fanbois. Goodluck and God help with Frogster.

  • Frogster is bad in many ways, censorship, crappy support service, delays, everybody knows, is because actually i'm playing on the En Masse Us server.
    Yea i have 200+ ping but is playable and i prefer this way that give even only a cent to a company like this.

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