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EonShiKeno's DayZ Video Mega Thread

EonShiKenoEonShiKeno STL, MOPosts: 3Member


Rather then making a thread for each of my videos I will just update this one.  I been playing DayZ with a crew for the past month.  I plan on posting Fire Fight / PvP action, DayZ Guides / Tutorials and just about anything else funny I can find.  Hope you enjoy!


While scooping out Stary Sobor we found someone was looking back at us.


On the coast we set up some tank traps to try and catch ourselfs a car.  Here is what happened.


We were up on a hill overlooking Electro when we saw something hilarious go down.


If you love car chases check this video out!


Trying to make friends in DayZ requires trust and an interrogation.


Some PvP action in Electro and other places.


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