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Diablo 3: 5 Things Blizzard Did Right

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,038MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

Diablo III has been out for awhile now and is still generating tons of discussions about all aspects of the game, much of it quite heated. In The List today, we take a look at five surprisingly good things Blizzard packed into Diablo III. See what you think and then chat it up in the comments.

Enter Diablo III. How does Blizzard beat the awesomeness of the Cow Level? With Whimsyshire, a Mario-esque looking zone packed with chubby pink ponies, cute little teddy bears, fluffy smiling clouds and happy little flowers.....all bent on savaging you and your party. Nothing says embarrassment like "so-and-so was slain by a Chubby Pink Pony". Still it's one of the best places to collect gear in the game.

Read more of Suzie Ford's The List: 5 Things Blizzard Did Right.




  • DracondisDracondis Reston, VAPosts: 177Member Uncommon

    I agree with all the points.

    I also agree that haters are gonna hate on you.  Here, have some asbestos undies.

  • Z3R01Z3R01 NYC, NYPosts: 2,426Member Uncommon

    THe AH takes away from the game. Having the ability to look for level appropriate items with the exact stats you want make damn near every drop you find worthless. Sure you can ignore the AH but its really hard when its so easy to spen 100k gold and completely twink a leveling character.

    I honestly would rather trading go back to shady sites and Ebay... It could easily be ignored.


    As for the story, It falls short at the end. The ending cinematic was so anticlimactic, literally a 30 second cinematic bit and you get a Thanks for playing screen...


    I agree on the companions, i think they were a nice addtion.



    Waiting on:

  • ForumPvPForumPvP KingstownPosts: 871Member

    I try very hard to imagine D2 with AH,now because theres AH in the game,good items droprates goes from 1% to 0.001 ,trash items droprates goes from 20% to 99%.

    then im forced to use AH ,wow gee look wot i found from AH .

    no thanks.


    Let's internet

  • MephsterMephster Tyria, NJPosts: 1,188Member

    Must be a slow news day because we need some controversy but I'll bite.


    5.The auctoiion houe ruins the whole point of the loot finding factior in a hack and slash rpg. The whole idea is to find the loot not buy to win.

    4. Whimsyshire was noting more than a slap in the face for the diehard fans. Too cartoonish! It was an insult to the franchise.

    3. Companions were awful because they were mainly useless most of the time except the ocassional buff they give you but that isn't all the time. Can't even customize them fully.

    2. The story was average but not that good either. How does Cain die by some insignificant character ?  Cain is iconic and needed to leave us in dramatic fashion not by someone who offered little to the story.

    1. Mouth hanging open ? Yeah ok , it was all too predictable and boring.

    Grim Dawn, the next great action rpg!

  • makiimakii noPosts: 280Member

    I dont own Blizz games, since i think they are the biggest brainwashers and are made purely for people who got a) 2 much time b) have no real life friends/ activites or no goals or have some other diseases.

    So far ive read about D3 and watched some stream, D3 is pure garbage.  But still, it does bring some good things right to the table:

    1) good animated story






    Well that was it.

  • Methos12Methos12 Maladis 46Posts: 1,239Member Uncommon

    There is no question that Diablo III's story is far and away the best of the three. And it's not just that there -is- a story. It's actually a good story. Blizzard's writing team has far exceeded my expectations with the game's lore. I haven't played Diablo III so much for the action and adventure, though clearly those are there, but because I want to find out what happens next, to see what will be revealed around the next corner.


    I'm dying to know if you wrote this one with a straight face. If anything, writing is abysmal and unintentionally brings down a good chunk of the game experience with it. Twists you never saw coming? Yeah, maybe if this is someone's first RPG or something.

    Nature without Technology is little more than animals running about.
    Nature without Magic is without wonder or miracle.
    Magic without Technology is fantasy.
    Magic without Nature is formless and useless.
    Technology without Nature is application without understanding.
    Technology without Magic is repetitious and uninventive.

  • WarlyxWarlyx UnknowPosts: 2,197Member Rare

    i dont agree at all but oh well


    ah ? lol no way

    story? could have been FAAAAAAAAAAAR better

  • ZekiahZekiah Posts: 2,483Member Uncommon

    Whimseyshire? That slap in the face to Diablo fans? And the Auction House? That scammy feature that drives the game and determines its direction?


    Here's my list:

    1) Shared stash





    "Censorship is never over for those who have experienced it. It is a brand on the imagination that affects the individual who has suffered it, forever." - Noam Chomsky

  • 7star7star SeoulPosts: 405Member

    I live in Asia. I had a toon on the American server because I speak English. The GAH prices were outrageous and I didn't want to farm gold all the time. I don't use the RMAH because I don't want to support it. I'm absolutely against it. 


    I re-rolled on the Asian server because I know they don't have an RMAH because of Korea. I did so because I knew the GAH prices would be better. I was right. I have saved so much gold playing on the Asian server, it was totally worth the re-roll for me. The loot tables still force you to go to the AH (I don't care what some people say, unless you are really lucky, you must use the AH to progress).  


    However, the costs are so much cheaper. I can find suitable upgrades for 20-30% of what they cost in gold on the American servers because there are more quality items there (since not RMAH) and gold farmers don't manipulate the market to inflate prices.


    So, from my perspective, the RMAH really did make D3 into a gold farming game rather than a loot farming game.  That sucks, to be honest, for me any way.


    However, if people like to play the AH Tycoon game (as someone else coined the term on these forums), or they want to make Real MoNEy, then they will like the RMAH and D3 as it is. Fine for them.


    I'm just happy I have an alternative.


    EDIT: I know a lot of people here who were really excited about D3 and many of them don't play any more (my friends list is now dead). They play other games like Blade and Soul. They got BORED. That's anecdotal, but it's true. I am currently downloading TSW. I got Path of Exile to get into. It looks like a great alternative to D3. I have prepurchased TL 2.


    Frankly, I am really disappointed with D3. I am not happy with Blizzard and I am not alone. Sure they made their box sales, so maybe they don't care. The people who boost Blizzard's profits buy using the RMAH may just be icing on the cake for them. Well, there it is. I won't support it. And there are lots of other games and I am becoming bored with D3 myself. I will just play till others games are out. 


    That just doesn't seem to stack up with the way D2 was played. But I don't know. You can't call this a hate post. It's just the way it is and I'm sure I'm not alone in this view of D3. I'm just disappointed, is all. 

  • SlickShoesSlickShoes EdinburghPosts: 1,019Member Uncommon

    The story was predictable, the cutscenes were very impressive though but that is a staple at blizzard now.

    Auction House is a loser.

    Whimsyshire is OK, nothing amazing about it though.

    Companions were good at talking and livening the world up a bit but as combat companions they were mostly useless, would have been better if you could fully gear them.

    The ending was not shocking, my reaction was "OK then."

  • 7star7star SeoulPosts: 405Member
    Originally posted by SlickShoes
      Companions were good at talking and livening the world up a bit... 

    Yeah, but after a while it gets annoying hearing the same thing at the same place every time. I wish we could turn that off. It's good for 1 maybe 2 playthroughs, max.

  • SamhaelSamhael Huntsville, ALPosts: 869Member Uncommon

    You point out that D3 isn't a MMO yourself. You will understand that your acknowledgement doesn't change anything.

    So yes, I'm one of the many who agree that articles about it don't belong here.  I wish you guys would re-prioritize so you could funnel your resources into MMOs instead.

  • SilmasSilmas HamburgPosts: 13Member Uncommon

    Its good that new gamers are not spoiled by new games. :D

    This seems to be true for the author of this article too. :)

  • black_isleblack_isle IstanbulPosts: 249Member Uncommon

    I think D2's story and cinematics are far superior. D3's story was kinda good because they included nephalem and angiris council stuff but the twists were lame and Leah is the most boring and out of place character ever.


    But really the most disappointing part was the cinematics. Aside from the end of Act1 cinematic they are all too hollywood and cheesy. End of the game cinematic is the worst thing i've seen in the game.

  • Kaynos1972Kaynos1972 Quebec, QCPosts: 2,316Member

    Tomorrow on MMORPG, after the 5 things they did right, the 25 they did wrong.  I dont agree with you.

    3- Companions are useless, they follow you and they do nothing but repeat the same things over and over again.  They are useless in combat too.

    5-the AH is nice, however it's far from perfect (especially the search engine).  The RMAH should have never been introduce.

  • SlickShoesSlickShoes EdinburghPosts: 1,019Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by 7star
    Originally posted by SlickShoes
      Companions were good at talking and livening the world up a bit... 

    Yeah, but after a while it gets annoying hearing the same thing at the same place every time. I wish we could turn that off. It's good for 1 maybe 2 playthroughs, max.

     I used no companions on normal and nightmare though so didnt even notice them getting annoying yet but im sure it would get a bit grating since the game is based on playing the same thing multiple times

  • PanthienPanthien ZaandamPosts: 559Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Kaynos1972
    5-the AH is nice, however it's far from perfect (especially the search engine).  The RMAH should have never been introduce.

    It pains me to have to say this.. but the RMAH always existed.. even in Diable 1, diablo 2 definately had it. I agree it should NOT even exist but the sad truth is it alwayd DID exist.

    Only difference is, its controlled and secure now. Instead of 3th party sites with high risks of scams.


  • ZekiahZekiah Posts: 2,483Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Kaynos1972
    Tomorrow on MMORPG, after the 5 things they did right, the 25 they did wrong. 

    Yeah, that's gonna happen lol.

    It is interesting what's missing though. How about gameplay? Items? Immersion? Depth? Crafting systems? Classes? Skills?

    Lol. You guys can and should do better than this, really.

    Where's the balance? Where's the other side of the story? Where's the other information for your viewers?

    I suppose that's about as likely as your quote.


    "Censorship is never over for those who have experienced it. It is a brand on the imagination that affects the individual who has suffered it, forever." - Noam Chomsky

  • dzoni87dzoni87 BelgradePosts: 541Member

    Well i have no doubt of criticizm skill and i respect an opinion of you guys but...

    Story??? Really??? BEST of three???  e_e

    Main MMO at the moment: Guild Wars 2
    Waiting for: Pathfinder Online

  • dageezadageeza london, KYPosts: 578Member

    Honestly i cant think of 5 things they did right but i can think of 5 things they got wrong..

    Its still a fun game for one run through per class but currently has no replay value to me personally..

    I have 5 lvl 60 characters and the game bores me silly, perhaps in a year it will be ready to play?

    Playing GW2..

  • uidCausticuidCaustic acworth, GAPosts: 128Member


  • BlackbrrdBlackbrrd KongsbergPosts: 811Member

    I wouldn't have put any of the features here on the list. Maybe the auction house which I actually use, but the filtering and sorting functions are lousy.


    What I have enjoyed is the combat and the leveling. I love being able to just try out new abilities without having to make a final deceision. I love how you don't have mana and mana potions. They really nailed it when it came to resource managment in this game.


    I have played through on normal and am a bit short of halfway through on nightmare. It's not particularily hard, but I do die to the occational boss pack and I really like the challenge level.


    I love the "Quick Join" feature. It's really easy to get into a game with friends.

  • mnemic666mnemic666 asdf, CAPosts: 209Member Uncommon

    D3 hater (D1/2 purist) here...

    5. Mixed feelings on the gold AH, HATE HATE HATE the RMAH. Gold AH is alright, but I really feel like they should have put more emphasis on actual item trading. Trading was definitely a skill that took time to learn and required a TON more savvy than playing the AH. The fact that they didn't bother supporting trading and instead went to the AH makes me super sad panda.

    4. Again, mixed feelings on it. On the one hand I can totally appreciate what they were doing, poking fun at all the people who said the game looked cartoony and providing something similar to the cow level. But on the other, I'm one of those critics who HATES the change in art direction from the gritty realism to much more stylized dark cartoony look. It makes sense within the context of the way the game looks, but I feel it's a bit /too/ siilly for Diablo : /

    3. Agree. I'm actually a pretty big fan of what they did with the companions, and it makes me super sad you're limited to them in the ONLINE SINGLE PLAYER only.

    2. From what I've seen, agree again. It's nice to see them put a bit more emphasis on the story. I mean Diablo never really needed a storyline other than, "Diablo is loose! Go kill things and steal the magical armor from their corpses!", but it's nice to see them put together a pretty good one.

    1. Haven't played through the game, so no-comment.


  • urthal22urthal22 Asbestos, QCPosts: 108Member Uncommon

    I lol'ed at these 5 Reasons That MMORPG pulled out to try and Botox Diablo 3's Face up


    Bad game is bad ... It doesnt matter how much you wish to make beleive yourself.

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