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Face of Mankind: What it is about

ZombiefishZombiefish Dallas, TXPosts: 16Member

After a few years of playing Face of Mankind, the most common question I've seen throughout different forums and the game itself is, "What do I do?".    With some help from statements by key players in FoM, I am going to do my best to answer this question.

First of all it must be absolutely understood that Face of Mankind is first and foremost a sandbox, player driven MMO Action RPG.   Persistant worlds in real time with real people who create their own fates, rules, politics, consequences, and enforce them as they see fit, their only real constraints are their own personal charisma, their ability to lead others to their cause, and their ability to resist and overcome any opposing wills of other players.

-There are no game enforced artificial "Skills" for you to grind up

-There is no auto-aim to lock on to targets for you, there are no pre-set skill combo's, buffs, debuffs, special attacks ect.

-There is no carrot-on-a-stick gameplay that subliminally tries to make you grind just a little more and unlock some marginally better item to the point where people who've been there a year can brush off a new player as if they were little more than a fly.

- There is no super powered level 80 gear, you are able to use anything that the 5 year veteran player can use.

What is there, is the ability for you to mold and leave an impression on the gameplay around you, whether that means your choice of taking a gun in hand, placing the crosshairs on a corporate CEO and pulling the trigger because you felt like it, or taking a calculator in hand, climbing the ladder, and taking others under your employ until you're a self made multi-millionaire.

We've had players do incredible things throughout the lifetime of FoM and they continue to push for more incredible things every day.  For example people have achieved creating a functional government, constitution, and laws from scratch, enforced them for years and tore it down because they have that ability.  Players have achieved various status' as President, Universal Conqueror, Drug King Pin, Mafia Boss, cut-throat corporate CEO's, Teachers, Mercenary Squad Leaders, Authors, News Editors, Senators, Judges, the list is limitless because these are positions created, defined, and molded by the players.

The freedom also means that there are no pre-set formulas or paths for you to walk in order to achieve your goals, how you get where you want to be and whether you ever end up there is entirely up to your actions, negotiations, and communication networking abilities. This can be difficult for many gamers to initially cope with as it is very seldom if ever found in other MMOs, but for the type of gamer that this is geared towards, it is what makes this game perfect.



  • ZombiefishZombiefish Dallas, TXPosts: 16Member

    Here are a couple of statements from other prominent veterans of the game which they are allowing me to share on their behalf.

    From a long time Mercenary Council member, who has recently changed the course of his life and taken the reins as the CEO of a successful corporation.


    There is a way to play this game.

    Face of Mankind is an MMORPG Shooter. It is set in a futuristic sci-fi dystopian or cyber punk world depending on who you ask.

    The game is primarily about the social interactions between 8 different factions, and the individual stories the characters in these factions generate. Factional conflict and wars is a driving force behind the game, along with a political system when it's intact. People who exist too only gank are also an essential part of the game, as they give LED [Law Enforcement] and factions to do something when bored. Keep in mind this is the only purpose they serve, to give entertainment to the people who actually play this game.

    FoM can be played by different perspectives, some people enjoy taking on a role and persona and roleplaying with other people in the game. Some people are simply here for the fights, and stick around behaving themselves and waiting for the next big conflict to break out. A mix of these kinds of players is what drives factions.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with sitting around in a restaurant and putting ice in someone's cup. If you want to be a bartender, then be one. How ever remember when you take on a role as member of a faction, you are expected to act in the way that said faction is viewed by it's history and background in the game. 

    LED Are a police department. They police.
    FDC are a military used by The Global Dominion. 

    Corporations are bent on economic domination, and the method they do this is defined by the faction leader at the time.

    BoS are space mafia
    GoM are freedom fighters.
    Mercs are mercs [Mercenaries].

    The roles of the clans sometimes change depending on the faction leaders.

    Remember when you act in public, you are representing that faction. People respect the guy more who tries to strike up an RP convo about ingame events then the person who runs up to you and crouch humps you 5 times. They respect the guy who has built up a reputation as being a combat lord by leading his faction too victory in wars, and has built a reputation by what other people have seen him do, not because he tells people he is hench or built. When everyone acts like they are a member of a faction, and keeps up a certain image and persona, it builds a general atmosphere too the game. This general atmosphere built by a respectable community is what makes this game really great and fun to play. With out, it is really lacking.

    Shit talking corpses about how someone needs to get good, excessive ganking, and being a general moron does not get you respect. The reason people look up to others in this community is because they have built up a certain persona, if you want to be looked up at, you need to build up a persona. It doesn't require excessive RP, or taking your helmet off. It requires acting a certain way, acting like a member of the faction, or acting like the character you have decided to create for your ingame self. 

    The game is about social interaction, and being anti-social tends to be against the basic concept of the game.

    If you think the ideas stated above are ridiculous, dumb, or someone taking the game too seriously, there are hundreds of other games that will suit your needs or interests. FoM is not one of them.



    An influencial player who was a vital architect of and later a senator for a past form of government has put together a playist of videos he's used in the past throughout his FoM career and is allowing me to share it to show how he views and experiences FoM.


    If these statements have whet your interest in FoM at all, it's Free to Play without a time limit or other requirements and the PC requirements to run it are pretty low in comparison to most.

    Go ahead and try it out for a couple of weeks

    Or if you're feeling a bit generous, take my referral link to register instead.

  • MaGicBushMaGicBush Why would you need to know?, MOPosts: 681Member Uncommon

    I have tried this game a few times in the past, and always get caught on one thing. There are not enough people playing, I played as the police for a month and it was fun for the first two weeks. Someone was always on to command, and we would actually go around and take bases from some faction(some kind of war, I died a lot lol). But got very boring after a while as that leader stopped logging in and then other players followed so the interaction basically ended. I then quit for about a year or so and came back, this time I played as the drug faction(dont remember the names). I tried to get into it, but hardly anyone was ever on still and nothing player-driven was happening. Is that any different now? I really love the concept if it stayed populated enough, though at times it can be annoying. As the drug faction my second time I played I got constantly harrased by a few of the cops, stunning and killing me for no reason(no war at that time or anything). When running smoothly things seem fun though.


    -Currently playing Aion.
    -Played SWTOR, UO, EQ, AoC, WOW, War, LoTRO, FFXI, Rift, DFO.

  • neXeonJesteRneXeonJesteR Houston, TXPosts: 6Member

    Most certainly, the player base has picked up and we're making some large strides at expanding the game in many areas.


    Check it out, it's free!

    neXeon Technologies

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