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I want a game that...

lance999lance999 birminghamPosts: 12Member Uncommon

has the following:

-Can solo pvp just fine, dont need to rely on team mates to screw things up

-If an RPG, and has instances/dungeons, no waiting around 50 years for an invite (If i have to play certian role for invite that is ok)

-Doesnt cost $70 to get started


-Free to play and not pay to win

-Isnt owned by EA

-Risk/Reward PvP

I have tried a great many games. I'll name a few to save time: WoW, EvE, Aion, Rift, LoL, Lotr, Warhammer, Age of Conan, Runescape, Tera and probably others.

I just got done with rift. I really liked the game but the freaking queues to get anything done where horrendus. I cant stand waiting in a queue for longer than a few minute in an MMO.

halp! I need a game to play till september, as thats when I start college.


  • Ex0dUs101Ex0dUs101 ManchesterPosts: 269Member Uncommon

    Youre asking to much, what youre looking for doesnt exist, you need to lower your expectations.

    With the titles youve already played youve been through the major reccomendations already.

    Your biggest problem I get from what youve written is that youre trying to do group/guild content on your own, if you werent doing this you wouldnt be running into the issues.

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