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So decided to come back, but i m stripped.

dleveldlevel AthensPosts: 88Member Uncommon

Ok so i decided to come back to game after many years, i have a 78 lvl adventurer, i logged in succesfuly i saw that my main char is in a NAIA server but what i saw is an almost empty account, i just found some soulshots and some miscs, also wherehouse almost empty... its sad cause i had full S gear back then with some enchants and kinda good ammount of mats and adena.


Anyway is there any way to get them back?

I haven t logged in to that account for like 4 years if not more, so i dont know when i was hacked or any other details.


I wish i could get back my items because i m not ready to start over and i really look forward to play this game again.


thank you.


  • KabaalKabaal Edinburgh, ScotlandPosts: 3,040Member Uncommon

    If their customer support is like in any other game if you contact them they should be able to roll back your characters to before the point it was compromised. 4 years is a long time though so i dunno if companies keep back ups that old.

  • dleveldlevel AthensPosts: 88Member Uncommon

    Yes that s what i though, i ll submit a ticket.. the weird part is that i haven t logged to this account for years, also as a system administrator i kinda know how to protect my PCs, but even lets say i got a keylogger how it logged my account that is nothing to do with any other password of games or mails i play/use.


    Is there any chance that they f@@qed up at the server merges? I dont have a clue, i ll submit a ticket and we ll see.

  • JabasJabas Caldas da RainhaPosts: 1,240Member Uncommon

    If u allow me giving a advice, dlevel, start a new char and ignore ur old main for now.

    Even you dont recover your stuff, doesnt really matter unless you had more then 100millions adena or something like that. Old S gear, weapons and the old craft materials are almost useless atm.


    Game is so diferent from what it was that you almost dont reconize it.

    - Enjoy the new story line 1 to 41.

    - get a mentor after lvl 40 (will be easy on Naia)

    - use the free gear from path to awakening , from 40 to 80 (all grades included)

    - get the free gear and weapons from mentee certificates at 86

    - you will have millions of adena at this point (special if you use the events to sell everthing)


    Have fun :)

  • dleveldlevel AthensPosts: 88Member Uncommon

    Thanx  for the advice but let me ask you, why someone would mentor me from 40-80 ? does mentors have so much gain? also, can this happen on a 40 lvl subclass?

  • RecoreRecore Posts: 7,061Member Epic
    Originally posted by dlevel
    Thanx  for the advice but let me ask you, why someone would mentor me from 40-80 ? does mentors have so much gain? also, can this happen on a 40 lvl subclass?



    Mentors get coins everytime you level. They can use those coins to buy items from a mentor npc. Items like enchant scrolls and element stones. Subclasses cannot get the benefits of a mentor.

  • dleveldlevel AthensPosts: 88Member Uncommon

    ok so i decided to start all over again. with 3 friends, we will level total of 5 chars ( we were playing since c2 ) so... where can we find mentors that the left their pc open? :) we will do the same.... if you have someone on NAIA and you can introduce us let me know ( we start today, i think we will be 40 ... today )

  • JabasJabas Caldas da RainhaPosts: 1,240Member Uncommon

    Well, because of pc problems i had to stop playing L2 for now, so cant help you myself.

    Theres a tool for mentors searching mentees and vice-versa i think but i never use it.

    This is L2 and theres thinks that never change, so shouts in towns is allways a option.

    i get my mentor using a title over my head "LF Mentor" (i think u just need a clan lvl 3 to use titles), in ur case u can put "LF 24/7 Mentor"  image


    There is no risk of getting a Mentor, if you quit you can join other right away (and you win a enemy). The risk is on Mentor side, when we lose mentee befor hes lvl 86 we need to wait 7 days to get another one.

  • dleveldlevel AthensPosts: 88Member Uncommon

    Ok so i leveled a char to 40 lvl to my main account ( the 78 lvl adventurer that i mentioned ) and i gave the mentee cert to him. Cause at 80 i get the path to awakening armor/weapon etc as i saw in the site... also a friend that used to play gave me some s grades to do my job until 80... 


    So i m trying to find a mentor now for my 78 lvl :) i think i did the right think !

  • JabasJabas Caldas da RainhaPosts: 1,240Member Uncommon

    Yes, was a nice option.

    Reach lvl 79 and start a quest sequence "Seven Signs", when you end all quests is around 30% of the lvl xp, and its a nice adventure


    At lvl 81 you will have the 2nd quest sequence, is still around 30% of that lvl too.


    Check if the game still let you doing the solo "pailaka instance", can be done only once and the xp reward is very nice. Maybe you can do the 73-77 one.


    Have fun image

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