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Please Place All Smite Key Requests and Offers Here



  • Diana3005Diana3005 MeridaPosts: 1Member

    Hi guys! my boyfriend and i are looking forward to play this game since we both love LoL and this seems to be similar, if i could have 2 beta keys it would be awesome! TYVM in advance!!! image

  • XirikXirik Yorkton, SKPosts: 1,699Member Uncommon

    remember when you get invited you in turn get 3 referals yourself


    Also im checking in with my friends that I got in if they are going to use there referal keys.

    so I might have 6 keys soon

    "You have some serious mental issues you may need to seek some help for. There are others who post things, but do not post them in the way you do. Out of every person who posts crazy shit in this forum, you have some of the craziest and scariest" -FarReach

  • XirikXirik Yorkton, SKPosts: 1,699Member Uncommon

    Okay I got two keys right now!

    Prereqs to getting them!

    1. You must PM me

    2. You must tell me what your favorite Mythological God is and why.  It can be a brief setence or more.


    To get to your referal keys you go into your account then games then under smite is referal keys.




    "You have some serious mental issues you may need to seek some help for. There are others who post things, but do not post them in the way you do. Out of every person who posts crazy shit in this forum, you have some of the craziest and scariest" -FarReach

  • SupahGamuhSupahGamuh ZapopanPosts: 10Member

    Yeah, I wanna play and I'd like to get a key, please.

  • RakujiRakuji Rossville, GAPosts: 139Member Uncommon

    I would love a Key, if someone has one to spare ^_^

    Kick to the Face.

  • Monstre0auSMonstre0auS SydneyPosts: 46Member

    If I could grab a key or two if they are available, that would be swell.

    One for me - One for the flatmate. =)



    EDIT: Oh, and since I liked the idea of naming mythological gods, Anubis, fear the jackal!

  • mortormortor Greenwood, INPosts: 1Member

    Could someone please send me a key, I am a former Dota 1 and a current League of Legends professional player, looking to try out a new game.  I have always found a great interest in mythology and feel that this game appeals greatly to my likings.

    Thanks for your time!

    Edit:  I can also stream the game to my League of Legends viewer-base to help the game gain exposure ;)

  • RadooRadoo Reggio EmiliaPosts: 211Member Uncommon

    I missed all the giveaways by like minutes.

    I really want to try the game out, if someone has an extra key please PM

    Thanks in advance

  • mnmtwomnmtwo wenatchee, WAPosts: 1Member

    trading a dota2 key for a smite key.


  • IrokisIrokis VilniusPosts: 2Member Uncommon

    Need one key, cause the game seems rly fun :)

    Thank you in advance who ever becomes my beta key god xD

  • Lazarus71Lazarus71 Posts: 1,051Member Uncommon

    Just gonna put this one up for grabs..........  Have at it and enjoy!



    No signature, I don't have a pen

  • AumHybridAumHybrid Longview, TXPosts: 75Member Uncommon

    I would really appreciate one!  Depending on how much money I make at my job tonight, I might buy one but I would like to save the twenty dollars haha.

    Just saw some of the newer gamepklay videos and it looks really fun.

  • ColdIronColdIron Hudson, NCPosts: 2Member

    I got 2 Dota 2 keys that I would be willing to trade for a Key.

  • BanquettoBanquetto CityPosts: 1,037Member Uncommon

    I would hit a Smite key.. I would smite it, even. Just putting that out there. ;-)

  • GeevesGeeves SydneyPosts: 148Member

    I would love a key if anyone has a spare. Would like to give this game a try.


  • xObliv1onxObliv1on SingaporePosts: 1Member

    Hey guys, I am willing to trade continent of the ninth (C9) keys for SMITE keys, or even dota 2 keys (SMITE's more important). If you are willing to trade message me. Thx, looking forward to it

  • silviokillersilviokiller Leiria, MIPosts: 1Member

    I have a key of smite :D what is your offer? ^^

  • RakujiRakuji Rossville, GAPosts: 139Member Uncommon

    if anyone has a key pls message me with it ^_^ ty

    Kick to the Face.

  • Iced0verIced0ver Sauk Rapids, MNPosts: 49Member


  • 1lighting11lighting1 PortimPosts: 12Member

    any key left for me?

  • Iced0verIced0ver Sauk Rapids, MNPosts: 49Member

    Gave all my keys away. If I get any more I'll be sure to post here again/message those that messaged me.




    PS The game is a lot of fun, and you get access (plus the 3 codes) yourself for just 8 bucks on their site. It's what I did and I would say it's definitely worth the 8, even in it's current beta state.

  • zelas88zelas88 weed, CAPosts: 1Member Uncommon

    willing to trade smite keys for dota 2 key

  • Crowking90Crowking90 Temecula, CAPosts: 6Member

    If you have more than one and would be willing to give one away. Id really appreciate it man. It's my birthday, I am broke, and have nothing to do since my game is offline for patching. Anyway please pm if you have a spare. ^_^ Cheers

  • geraldo13geraldo13 haarlem, NHPosts: 5Member

    If someone stil have beta keys, i appreciate to have 1 beta key.

    Pls send it in PM. 

    Ty if you can help me.

  • HejietHejiet Sherbrooke, QCPosts: 49Member

    Edit: Keys are all gone now, grats to those who got some.



    Since I do not want to send keys to people who already have one.

    I have 3 keys, the next 3 person to send me PM with request, shall have them!

    Good luck!!


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