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Finally got bootcamp to run! Anyone have a key?..

Rockbttm88Rockbttm88 North brunswick, NJPosts: 4Member

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I just finally got bootcamp to work on my Mac and Im dying to try this game today.


Please send an invite to if you have any spare ones left.  Would appreciate it so much!  Thanks in advance!!  


  • MetentsoMetentso BarcelonaPosts: 1,436Member Uncommon

    Hi, sorry i don't have a key.

    I just wanted to ask you if it's hard to install bootcamp and make it work. I'm thinking about buying a Mac but I want to play the games too.

  • Rockbttm88Rockbttm88 North brunswick, NJPosts: 4Member

    It was actually rather simple.  You just need a legit copy of Windows on a disc and a little patience.  

  • MetentsoMetentso BarcelonaPosts: 1,436Member Uncommon

    Cool, thank you. Hope you get that key!

  • Rockbttm88Rockbttm88 North brunswick, NJPosts: 4Member

    Thanks.. nothing yet.  I hope someone can come through for me.  I know the f2p trial starts next month, but I have this week off from work and Im really hoping to be able to check out the game during that time  (and be above lvl 15 for when the f2p blows up the newbie zones next month)

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